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  1. a few years ago we got this new outbound coordinator.. the first day he was there he told me there was no 'rhyme or reason' as to how things used to go and he was going to make changes... basically implying that my last coordinator was a idiot. i really like the coordinator before him. what a great way to make an impression...
    well we had a bit of a dissagrement and i got to have a meeting with him the sort manager and the union steward about some things i happend to say.

    i brought up i never met this guy didnt know who he was or what he was doing why should i listen to him... the sort manager grabbed his tie and said 'thats how u know hes in charge'

    well my girlfriend worked at a tuxedo store at the time so a few days later i got a tux from her wore it into work and went up to the sort manager and said get me a coffee now!

    cuz i had a tuxedo and he just had a shirt and tie i figured hed think i was from corporate or something... hahahha

    well i meant to do that but never did. anyone with bigger nads then me care to try that and let me know how it goes?

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    Sounds like you left part of your story out, maybe you should go work with your girlfriend.
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    woulda been great if you really did that
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    Dude, first of all, you're somewhat humorous. But to title a post 'stupidvisors' and then go on that rant, what does that say about you? Does the title 'Stupidhourly' apply to you?
  5. everyone knows the correct term is stuporvisor....just flows better that stupidvisor, that said I've got nothing against my supe she hates that place, its quite comical

  6. if i did something stupid sure id deserve it. if u can't take a joke or insult u shouldnt make one...

    i sir can


  7. he was full time so maybe i should have called it stupidmanagmet or stupidOutboundCoordinator but it didn't have quite the ring to it
  8. i bought my Stuporvisor (thanks westside) a soda today is that why i am stupid?

    in addition to trying to be a wise ass there was a point...

    This manager made a pretty crummy first impression. I didnt go to business school, they might not even bring this up its so simple, Its never good policy for part of a managment team to criticze another managment team member in front of a person u manage. Especially someone you do not know.
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    I think it's the part where he had to get a job with his girlfriend because he got fired.