Supreme Court Nominee?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by susiedriver, Jul 19, 2005.

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    Lead counsel for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Ky, Inc. v. Williams. The case involved a woman who was fired after asking Toyota for accommodations to do her job after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. The court ruled that while this condition impaired her ability to work, it did not impair her ability to perform major life activities. Disability rights groups fear that this decision may erode the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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    Actually, he is rather mainstream considering some of the possible nominees.

    You didn't expect bush to put forward a champion of the people and women now did you? [​IMG]
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    I nominate JESUS.
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    Amen speed.
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    I nominate Buddha.
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    That's fine for speeddemon and deliver-man to nominate Jesus and Buddha, but if Bush did all HELL would break loose from the "loyal opposition". [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    <font color="ff0000">"You didn't expect bush to put forward a champion of the people"</font>

    Hell, a champion of the people hasn't been on the court for the last 150 years or more contary to manipulation of public opinion so why should Bush break with tradition?

    Remember folks, tricks ain't for rabbits or for kids, it's for the gov't!

    Just maintaining my longtime anti gov't stance AGAIN!
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    Yup, you is.

    I nominate wkmac! [​IMG]
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    I don't think that it is possible to nominate anyone who both sides would agree with--so Bush is damned if he does or doesn't nominate man/woman/minority!

    Ironic mention regarding Jesus....because we will ALL....yes, everyone-- appear before the judgement seat...I know where I'm going!!
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    upsdawg-well said and so true
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    upsdawg....will you be north of Green Bay or south?
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    Jesus and Buddha?

    Fellas, I can't think of two nicer guys and they both do look good in robes, but somehow I think Roberts has the edge given his rather distinguished career.[​IMG]
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    Buddha?? Thats all we need is another Democrat.
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    How about Dahli Lama. He's comming to our city. Maybe Hare Krishna.

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    Ya know, the Dahli Lama might be a good choice, assuming you mainly want someone to make just (non-political) decisions on whatever issues are brought before him. Some catholic gnostics sects consider Krishna to be a saint, but even his role in Hindu mythology is pretty complicated. Roberts is probably as close to a main stream candidate as we were going to get from Bush, so it could be a lot worse. I see him getting confirmed pretty quickly.
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    All good points and I agree the Dems likely won't hit the brakes on a confirmation unless Roberts pulls a Bork during the hearings. He may very likely pan out to be a fine addition to the court, but his selection and the way he was presented turned me off pretty quick. Until the guy rules on something there's no telling where he'll go. Clearly a "stealth" candidate and certainly not a coincidence. I'm impressed by the man, but not by the choice.
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    Well, David Souter and Sandra O'Connor were both "stealth" candidates, and both turned out to be great disappointments to the extremist branch of the republican party. By appointing somone who seems pretty conservative, but hasn't issued many rulings to back it up, Bush takes a chance as well. You never know how someone like that is going to turn out once they get a lifetime seat on the highest court in the land. For Bush this choice is about political expediency more than anything. His poll numbers are way down as people grow more disillusioned about the situation in Iraq, and now his closest advisor is mixed up in a grand jury investigation over leaking classified material. The last thing Bush wants right now is a knock-down, drag-out fight over a supreme court nominee with bonafide rightwing credentials. Hence we got Roberts. Like I said, unless there's a smoking gun somewhere, he should be confirmed without incident.
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    I'm having a hard time making up my mind about this guy. I have a good republican friend who told me the guy is the second coming of christ. I then spoke to a good democratic neighbor of mine who swears the guy is a bestial pedophile wanted in 49 states.
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    "You didn't expect bush to put forward a champion of the people"

    that would contradict the purpose of the job. In fact an anal bookworm well versed on constitutional law who rarely deviates into the grey area would probably be the ideal candidate for this position. This nominee is so benign he should be an easy confirmation. Bush speaks the republican lingo but I think he is actually very mainstream in action.
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