Supreme Court Nominee?



<font color="ff0000">I nominate wkmac! </font>

Be careful OK2BC as I'm an anti-federalist and would really shake up the apple cart.

I'll say one thing, I know I'd never get the job so I'd sure give those good for nothing Senators a good mowing over rather than the PC drivel the other candidates give em' so when I walked out of the room they'd probably have me arrested and shot on site. Somebody needs to slap those worthless losers up side the head and I'd love the chance.


<font color="ff0000">Bush speaks the republican lingo but I think he is actually very mainstream in action.</font>

You aren't suggesting Bush sez one thing and does another are you? I agree that Roberts will sail through. The little discontent you hear right now from the democratic side and even from the far right of the republican side (Ann Coulter wrote a condemning piece on Roberts for example) is nothing more than certain Senators posturing to get something out of the deal.

Mr. President, I have grave reservations about your nominee and his positions on a variety of issues and the damage that he could inflict upon this country for years to come. However, I can easily get beyond that if you will make sure my spending bills that pumps money into my State that is used to buy support that insures my future re-elections back to office get signed into law.

Special interests play this crap too!

It's a game boys and girls and the dirty bastards are playing us for the fools we are!


I feel sorry for the a room alone and being quizzed by Kennedy....a fate worse than death.

Roberts during private interview with Kennedy


Actually moreluck the sign should say, I'm with drunk!

My advice to Roberts is if he goes to lunch with Sen. Drunk make damn sure the Senator doesn't drive, especially across bridges!