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    just lost 3 quarters of my volume at one of my largest stops to our new product surepost.....when the post office goes out of business we'll just get it back. i hate picking up these pkgs with the surepost lables on them......
  2. Better UPS SurePost then FedEx SmartPost ~ Means that we still have jobs.
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    Has any noticed the post office carrier commercials on tv encouraging the public to write to there respective representative and ask them to kill the house bill to reform the post office.
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    I have always wondered what brown koolaid tastes like?
    Never been able to coax myself into taking a sip.
    What was a great idea for unprofitable rural packages, in typical UPS fashion, has been taken to the extreme on the guise of competitive viability.
    Reality is the company is doing everything it can to avoid increasing staffing, perhaps in anticipation of the next contract.
    Many of the packages I deliver to the Post Office daily could be easily serviced by us, with many being urban addresses that I am already going to that day.
    In the face of record profits it has become apparent to me that they are mortgaging the future for the gradification of the present day stockholder.
    We should be working toward building our infrastructure at a reduced margin of profit in anticipation of the ever growing home shopping market.
    The house that gets 1 or 2 packages a week, will get 3 or 4 a day in the not to distant future.
    One day the people buying into this charade will wakeup to find their pants at their knees wondering how they got there.
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    Yum brown koolaid, excuse me while I take another sip. :) --- It's obvious that sending a high paid union driver down a rural road would make no sense from a --- running a business point of view---- but then again you are a driver looking out for yourself and not the boss who has to make sure we are competitive so we can all have jobs in the future.---- I think you have to ask yourself if you'd rather have more job security or less?
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    Problem is, that high paid union driver is already going down that road and more than likely going right past of better yet gonna stop at that house anyway. More example of UPS stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime.
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    I am probably in the minority here, But I have to say....there is probably a place in the middle to meet. Some drivers can't see UPS doing anything right. Some management, cant see drivers doing anything right. But truth is probably some where in the middle.

    FEDEX is getting bigger VERY quickly. The bigger they get, the better service they can provide...and do to their business structure, they have far less labor cost. At UPS the union rank and file do not want to take a pay cut. Something is going to give, and it aint going to be pretty.
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    Read my post again, aside from the koolaid crack.
    It seems you didn't make it past that part.
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    This is why I think we will see a two-tiered pay structure for FT seniority drivers introduced in to contract negotiations in 2013.
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    They pretty much have that now. The "part-time cover drivers" make less than we do, but in some cases work many more hours. You are likely to simply see more full-time jobs eliminated as Mr. Hoffa allows the expanded use of part-timers to keep the company happy.
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    This high paid union driver has a rural route. I deliver around 100 stops and 160 parcels on an average day. There are between 6-10 customers I deliver to that have a Surepost package sitting on the front porch already when I make my delivery. If I'm going there anyways why don't they just let me deliver the Surepost packages also. With our technology we should be able to marry these packages together.
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    Bubbles was right on with this post.We have purolator trailers(AKA)post office,pulling out full every day.
    His best points IMO were just disarranged .
    Stockholders are interested in one thing,and it's not sustainability.
    We were way better off as a private company.
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    I think it goes further than that...I believe that UPS is giving these pkgs to the post office to try to keep them afloat. Sure, there is cost savings for the rural stuff but as everyone knows so much of this stuff is going to city addresses 1/2 mile away from UPS buildings....UPS has said that density is how we will win against it still comes back to not having the post office go out of business and UPS bombarded with non letter type items.
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    Ever notice how creative UPS is at screwing us out of jobs. I wish they could use that creativity to screw fedex out of packages, that add jobs.
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    The jobs are "there". Where I work, the part-timers are getting more and more work though. Who can we blame? The guy in the mirror. EVERYONE needs to get involved. Not saying start a war with the folks that hand us a nice envelope every week. We simply need everyone to be aware of how things SHOULD work. This is probably a fantasy.
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    The reason they are having such trouble with fedex is that so many upsers that have been fired or left now work for fedex...along with all that knowledge and knowhow.
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    I am not talking about the casuals or the 22.3 in our building who works more hours than I do. I am talking about a lower starting wage and lower top rate for casuals who become FT seniority drivers. I see new FT drivers topping out around $25/hr.
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    I am sure that you realize that the Surepost package on the porch was delivered to the Post Office the day before.

    I also agree that with our technology we should be able to divert any Surepost package to direct delivery if the consignee has one or more non Surepost packages out for delivery.