Suspended for calling in sick?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by peacock, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I was told this morning that I would receive a suspension letter because I called in sick and that makes me unreliable. I thought I had 9 sick days each year to use, but my boss said that since I received a letter within the last three months regarding a missed delivery, I was now on probation, thus calling in sick makes me look unreliable.

    My union steward told me to think of myself on probation like when you are a new hire, and therefore am not allowed to take a sick day. If I'm not allowed to take a sick day because I'm now a probation {does this happen automatically when you are given a suspension letter? by the way....I never got my suspension day off....only more 10 and 12 hour work days}, does this mean I'm not covered by the union while on probation the same way a new hire isn't covered by the union? Should my union dues be refunded for this probation time?

    Is this probation time just something my boss made up to scare me? I left a message for my union rep, but thought you guys would have more insight int he meantime.

    By the way, the OMS and the boss who issued this suspension both saw me with the flu the day before I called in sick, so they know very well that it was a legitimate sick call. Also, I did call in more than an hour before start time, so that wasn't the issue, either.
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    One has nothing to do with the other. Your center manager is just trying to scare you.
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    File on it
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    You did the right by call your BA make sure you follow up and talk to them. Apparently the steward you talk to need to grow a set and start sticking up for the people he /she is suppose to instead of having there hands in your SUP pockets.
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    If this was the case we have about 10 drivers that would be gone. Show up for work people.
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    Crap happens. If you are sick and unable to perform the job what's the big deal? I think it hurts them worse if you try to tough it out and can't make it through the day and come off the road.

    Expect the unexpected!
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    the flu is tough . i load up on dayquil when i'm sick so i can come to work. i use sick days so i can have some fun or relax but i'm feeder and that's not physical.

    i'd ask my sup if he or she really wants me to work when sick and risk an accident. i asked a sup if he had a family? "do you have a mother and father , wife and kids?"

    "yes, of course I do. what's your point?"

    "do you really want a sick or unsafe driver driver a big rig weighing 60,000 pounds driving right next to your wife and kids?"

    "point taken."
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    Sick is sick. File on it. I'd talk to the BA, apparently your steward needs a priority adjustment.
  9. menotyou

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    If that were my steward, he'd being wearing diapers. Every time he'd see me coming, he'd........................:winks:
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    This pisses me off. Your steward is either stupid or bought off. We have had absentee issues also. I just request all information in how they came up with your discipline, I request every employees absenteeism records, which employees received discipline, etc etc etc, paperwork, more paperwork, blah blah blah. Eventually it gets forgotten about.
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    But make your steward write up a grievance for you. Make sure his name is on it with yours. You'll find out quick if he has a backbone.
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    I've seen one person fired for attendance. For almost two years this person called in as much or more than they worked. Would of still gotten their job back if at panel they had just said ill show up hell or high water. Instead stood there and said nothing. Then threw a fit the union did nothing for them. You have to do a whole whole lot attendance wise to get fired. Your center manager is just trying to scare u.
  13. packageguy

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    Are you a full time driver or a casual why probation? makes no sense....

    You said you got a warning letter for misdelivered package, that is a separate issue with calling out sick, You should have 2 warning letter not a suspense, unless you had a warning letter for the same issue.
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    Something tells me there is more to the story. I'm a steward and there usually is.