Switching positions?

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    So I just started working at UPS on Tuesday as a preloader and the first day went by okay since I was mostly getting watched over and helped. But yesterday it was just me and and it ended up horrible. I'm responsible for two trucks but it's not like I can lift the boxes or anything, it's just that I have trouble stacking. I'm not really good at getting things organized and making them look neat so stacking is an absolute nightmare for me. Yesterday in front of my trucks it looked like there were two mountains right there because I hadn't had the chance to get the stacked. It's not that I don't know where to put them, I've basically memorized the shelf numbers but I just have a hard time making the stack good which slows me down. I was wondering if I can talk to my sup and ask to be moved to unloader since it would play more to my strengths. I don't want peak season to be here and I be responsible for three trucks while my packages just end up being stacked on top of each other. So do you guys think that this is possible? I don't want to wait before things get too late or anything and it ends up being impossible to get moved.
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    If you're bad at loading they will probably move you to unload. Personally I hate unloading and only do it if I'm double shifting. It's mindless work and less hours.
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    Maaybe, but I doubt it. Only 2 brown trucks? Htfu and you won't have a mountain of packages. Try waiting it out till your probation is over with.

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    It's not easy to htfu when I have bundles of packages behind each other.
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    You are going to :censored2: yourself when you get 4 trucks in peak :D
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    Work at your own pace. If management doesn't like it then to bad. If you ask to be moved to unload they are going to use that against you. Anything you want they won't give you. Also if you go in there and bust ass, then guess what! You will be in charge of 4 trailers next week, then if you can handle those you'll be in charge of 6 then so forth. Then you get in trouble because you can't keep up. Work however you want, if a sup tells you something say okay and just keep working.
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    I'm going to ask my if she wants to switch positions tonight.
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    Pre load sucks. Well, every job there sucks. They ask way too much of everyone and they don't give you a chance to catch on. Guess I'm not much help.

    I'm sure it is much easier to learn pre load after driving first. Much easier to understand how it all works.
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    It is your second day loading. Give it some time, you will get more efficient.
  10. RonBurgandy??????????

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    I thought,switching positions..........well umm umm....was a different subject!
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    Didn't know what I was getting into by clicking on the thread.

    Variety is the spice of life.
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    That reminds me of Tom Hanks in "Big". "I get to be on top!"
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    I like the bottom...........................bunk.
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    Scan ahead so you get an idea of what's coming down the belt.

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