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    Hello, I've got a question. I've been working at a hub for just about a year and a half. When I was hired I was told that after working for a full year I would be able to switch to a different sort. I'm currently on midnight and would like to switch to twilight. Before I get the "sign the bid sheet" response I would like to say that I have signed it and unfortunately I'm about 15 people down on the list. Obviously in this economy I'm not going to make a fuss to switch sorts but I was wondering if this is the absolute only way to switch.

    And if it's the only way to switch is there any way to find out when spots are actually being filled? I saw two new hires a couple weeks ago on midnight and I just hope that they aren't hiring any on Twilight when there are plenty of bids for those spots.

    I was also wondering if I need to type up a "letter of intent" and hand it into my full timer for approval in advance. The reason I'm curious is because I know a fellow worker who has less seniority than I do and basically gave UPS an ultimatum. He told them that he needs to switch to Twilight or he has to quit.(Due to education scheduling conflict) He was told to wait until August and they would try and switch him over to twilight. He typed a letter of intent and is much friendlier with my full timer than I am. Is there any way this person is going to get switched before me just because he's friendlier with the full time sup?I just want to make sure that there is no special way that he could be getting switched to twilight before I do seeing as I have a couple months more seniority than he does.

    Thanks for your responses in advance.(and sorry for the extra info that might not be pertinent)
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    The Contract says you can switch jobs and/or shifts after six months provided there is a vacancy. (You can't bump anyone.)

    And you don't even have to wait six months if no one bids the job and the job is about to go to a New Hire.

    Ask your steward to determine how many vacancies there have been on the Twilight Shift during the past year and a half, and if any shift-switchers or New Hires filled them.

    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    Thanks for the prompt answer. That clears it up.
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    My name was on the bid sheet to switch to Twilight. The problem is that the bid sheet has mysteriously disappeared. I also know for a fact that a person with about 4 months less seniority than myself has been told by management that his transfer will go through very very soon. (this week most likely)

    I'm kinda angry about it because I've been wanting to change shifts to Twilight for six months now and this person can just complain to Human Resources about college classes conflicting with work and he gets switched before me, even though both our names were on the bid sheet before it went missing. Is that what it takes at UPS? Not seniority. Just Brown-nosing.

    I'd also like to know if this is a violation of the contract. It seems to be and I would like to know if I should file on it. I've never filed a grievance but in this case I'm mad enough to. I'm also a student just like the guy who most likely will be skipping me and would like to switch to Twilight for similar reasons. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Also if a grievance is advised should I wait until the other person is transferred before filing? I don't want to negatively impact my fellow hourly so I was thinking I should file afterward, so maybe he can switch shifts and I could follow.
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    Just, until you see that a lower seniority employee has actually transferred to the twilight (or a new hire), no violation has occurred (it's just rumor/hearsay). But as soon as you see it has happened, file. In the meantime, have steward go after the missing bid sheet problem.
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    Alright I will. Thanks hondo.