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    Has anyone had to deal with the new TSA rule that started today? Any package that is delivered to a freight forwarding company that they will be putting on a passenger aircraft we have to fill out a form with our drivers license info on it that stays with that package. I refused to give my personal information for a package that is not even mine. All my stops I had today that I had pieces for got RTS. Was told by mgmt. that I did not have to give personal info. I am sure this will change in the next couple of days.
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    I wouldn`t either. It should be like a Haz-Mat with the shippers info on it. This might be something to point out to the union before it gets to big.
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    Your management team needs to follow up with your local gateway management team..

    Procedures for line flight packages (packages that missed the UPS plane and UPS must put on a passenger plane) were implemented after 9/11. Security would also be aware of any changes, as they are updated by Corporate Security in a timely manner.

    The TSA has the authority to visit any UPS facility and challenge our security procedures.
    This includes air/ground facilities and UPS vehicles to ensure security measures are in place to avoid an "unknown" package to enter a UPS facility.

    And like most government agencies, they fine companies for violations to fund their budgets.
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    Just a comment about the TSA, not related to UPS. Just recently returned from a trip out west and while loading the luggage in the car, I opened the suitcase to get something out and the thing looked like a tornado hit the inside. Nearly everything was just pulled out then dumped back in. They undid rolled up socks, pulled the pockets inside out of my pants, pullled out a lot of papers and magazines and what not and just tossed it all back in. Later that night when I got home I found the little flyer the TSA sticks in your bag to tell you that its been searched underneath the liner of the suitcase. Now I have nothing against airline security and all, but that was way overboard IMHO.
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    TSA does have the right to inspect package cars on route for security reasons(bulk head door closed ect). They even have gone so far as to try to throw packages in unattended opened package cars. ALL ups drivers that enter the airports have to be certified, NO EXCEPTIONS! This isnt some gay UPS rule like habits and 3 points of contact, its actually security for all of us from terrorists. If only the TSA could inspect the packages that enter our letterboxes. That is an air service where god knows where the packages come from.
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    I deliverer around the airport and we were warned about leaving bulk head doors open cause TSA will throw packages in your car. I have been pulled over and inspected before off airport property. The FED X driver on my route has giving his personal info to these freight company’s and I asked him why. He said he don’t want to take packages back to his terminal. I also asked him if he knew what they were going to do with his information he said he did not know. I guess that is why he wares a purple uniform.