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    Hello UPSers

    I was called into the office were they told me that the requirement is that it is expected that all employees should be able to do 120 stops without help, which I can't seem to do so I was taken out of service. My manager said he would call his labor people to see what can or can't be done with me.

    What can I do? I don't want to lose my job.

    I'm hurt, confused and totally stressed out again.
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    Are you a FT seniority driver?
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    We need more info. If your in training or were seasonal they can let u go. If your full time though they can't fire u for performance.
  4. Covemastah

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    120 stops on one rte can take 10 hrs,,on another rte it could take 5 hours,,all kinds of varaiables,,we need more info !!
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    What needs to be understood is the methology at play at UPS. First, they bring up new drivers to train for 30 days, they put them in unrealistic situations expecting unrealistic results and then disqualifies those new drivers and simply brings forth another to do the same thing to.

    Routes today cannot be done in "scratch time" or "planned day" even if the regular full time seniority driver skipped both lunch and breaks and ran the entire route.

    The policy for the training of new drivers needs to be included in the next negotiations and the standards lowered for qualifying simply because the system is skewed towards failure.

    I am now 22 years on the same route, when I started on this route, it paid 1130 hours plan for 120 stops/25 pickups and I would run it in 9 hours in a P800. Today, I am in a P1200 with 160 stops/39 pickups and it plans 745 to 815 everyday. The area got bigger, I run more miles, I pickup more pieces and yet, the planned day goes backwards. On WOR, i run about 2.5 hours in the hole everyday and they dont say a thing to me.

    If you put a new driver on my car while i am on vacation for 2 weeks, he will be crushed to death even if he "matched" my performance and I do it faster than anyone else could possibly do.

    How is this fair to the new driver?

    The whole concept of "running scratch" is long gone along with the intelligence of the IE department in general.

    UPS would rather turn over new trainees month after month after month as a way to keep from elevating a part timer to full timer status. Its pretty simple stuff.


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    I had 69 stops on monday and 71 on Friday. I'm tired
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    Maybe if u didn't post on here all say you wouldnt be 2.5 late.
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    I am a full time driver, have been for 13yrs. My run is the P1200 truck with 120 stops and about 20 pickups. This run is supposed to have a permanent helper. The intimidation and threats (like, if you can't do the job, why are you here? You can quit anytime) and the disciplinary action (which i am told can lead to termination) puts me under a lot of stress. I was told I was asking for to much help and they shorten my helpers time. I was told that I should be able to do 120 stops on my own, which I find difficult in the downtown area due to traffic.
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    I run half hour or more under everyday. Once ran 2.5 hours under. I love taking paid actuals on a 10 hour plan day and saving to company all that money!
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    Paid actuals in lieu of your 8 hour guarantee??
  13. I haven't made full time seniority yet. but I been put on 9 different routes, and done them all cold, and there all different, and crushed rvery one of them. Running atleast 150 clicks under on all of them, and thats taking my hour lunch. I really think I'm the best.
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    Absolutely. Run a ten hour plan day in 7.5 and code O5! /sarcasm
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    Guys like you all end up in the division managers office. The dm sits at the head of the table opposite the steward. The labor manager sits opposite the business agent. You sit opposite the center manager. Some times you or someone like you cries in this room because they beg for their job back so they are spared the panel. Keep running runner when you mess up the company will still drop the hammer.
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    Your FULL of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: you have been driving for 13 years and and come on BC to ask if you can be taken out of service for basically not running scratch according to there numbers.. Where have you been for the past 13 + years ???

    You have got to be kidding me..... If they took driver out of service for not running scratch no one would be one the road.....
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    120 stops and 20 pickups on a city route?? Today was an average day for me---124 stops, 400 pkgs, 28 pickups, 200 pkgs, ran off a misload which added 7 miles to my day (57 miles), full lunch/break, punched out at 1815 with a 0930 start.
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    If you have been a driver for 13 yrs, I think you need to be calling your local president or ba.