Talked to a UPS Freight Guy the Other Day...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Brown to Brown, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Talked to a UPS Freight Guy the other day. He had know idea of our free pension and insurance contributions to the tune of over $600 a week and thought that I was just joking. He also didn't believe me that I personally know a feeder driver who made over $125,000 last year. He then stated that it was unfair and then I told him that it took the Teamsters since early 1900 to get us to this point! I wished him luck and he wanted to know if he could transfer to our side of UPS.
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    Tell him that, yes, it is unfair. Tell him to go to "our side of UPS" immediately and demand they contribute $600 a week in bennies and that he HAS to make over $125,000 a year.

    Give me a break! UNFAIR? How long did it take Overnite to become union? How much resistance was there all these years. Even now, the last terminals did not sign until last year because of: indifference, apathy, bad blood or myriad of excuses. He/she just STARTS paying union dues and wants the moon NOW?

    Good luck!
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    ^^But aren't they entitled??? :rolleyes:
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    Tell the freight guy he can work part time at night for 8 years then get into pkg do a different route every day...get laid off for days on end until you finally get your own route which they end up cutting out. Finally you hit feeders and start the whole process over....after all this stress sweat blood and tears most of those freight guys would be more than happy with 20 plus bucks an hour and being able to take naps in their tractor as the customer unloads their freight...seen it happen
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    I was kidding, hence the rolling eyes smiley
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    I watched the documentary HBO i think did on Overnites strike in the 90's. It's been a long time since, i guess we forget quickly. Anyways the "old man" (owner) finally said he'd rather close the doors than keep runnning the comp union. Sad documentary
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    125,000 a year?????????? HOW??
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    It's called overtime, something you runners/gunners wouldn't know about.

    Just messing with you--I also think the $125K is BS.
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    We have a driver in our center who is in the 125,000 club. Twelve to sixteen hour plan days works three vacations a year. I think its an illness or just plain greed.
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    I am confused... you "think" it is greed? Do you ever have a driver laid off in the center while he is working 59 hours/week? Is your Local's pension doing fine... how many hours a year does he work at the end of the year that no pension contributions are made while a less senior driver was laid off throughout the year with no pension contributions being made either?
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    Sleeper Team Driver. He and the other driver are making the big bucks. There was one other run that made closer to $130,000. If you are in an area that has them, walk up to a Sleeper Team Driver and say, "so, what is the highest annual total wage you heard of in Sleepers?" It is like the running inside joke. They are really proud about how much they make. Guess I would be too! Too much driving for me though.
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    407, are you saying a Package driver? Really?
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    Yes it's happened three year in a row.
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    UPstateNYUPSer, it's no BS. Seriously, the Sleeper Team guys make a fortune on miles and delay time. I'm not jealous, I just didn't believe it either. I also know of a guy who made close to $15,000 on supervisors working grievances too! I ain't making this stuff up!!!
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    No it's called get a life.
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    Sorry, I can't help him with that.
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    He must not have the internet.