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    I want to see if I can get input from other upsers. When you are doing your taxes do you claim things like buying boots, ups socks, flash lights, under shirts, and cost of washing these things. If you do how do you calculate the cost and time for washing uniforms. In the past I never claimed these because it seemed to be a big pain in the butt. But now I am tired of uncle sam taking us for all we got.

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    Many threads on this specific subject.
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    Claiming these will depend upon whether you itemize or take the standard deduction. If you have enough deductions to itemize then you most certainly can write off all of the items that you mentioned above. I use $10/week for maintenance of my uniforms. Don't forget to deduct your union dues as well. If you didn't claim these in the past you can amend those returns (1040X). Amended returns cannot be e-filed.

    The W-2's are available on These are an exact copy of what you will receive in the mail sometime next week so for those who claim their accountant won't use these as they are not "official" I would find another accountant. The W-2's are the same as your end of year paystub. I e-filed on the 12th, both returns have been accepted and I should have my refunds by the 31st, if not sooner. No, I don't need a short term high interest loan (thanks, Cement)--I simply like to get things done. It helped that I pay my mortgage online and my interest and tax information was available last week.
  4. You can only claim the cleaning of your uniforms if you pay to have them done.
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    Prove you don't pay...

    I write off $1,500 / year foe dry cleaning.
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    This is not true.
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    That is incorrect. Time and resources used in maintenance of company required property.

    I also have claimed $10 per week laundry (might go to $12 darn that inflation) but also $20 any time a needle and thread touch company clothing.

    Don't forget: maps, batteries, dog treats, gloves, etc. If it's for company use it's deductible.
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    My tax guy claims the air i breath.
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    Remember if your getting a refund adjust your W-4 accordingly. All your doing is giving uncle Sam (who has no idea how to handle money) an interest free loan!!!
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    Every December as we head into peak I adjust my w4 to reflect a higher number of dependents. The taxes for the year have been paid so why give that OT to the govt. For the first check of the new year I reset it back to the actual number for the next 11 months. Easy way to pick up an extra $1000 take home with almost no effect on the taxes at filing time.
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    Excellent advice. I would also advise adjusting your W-4 whenever you change your 401k contribution rate. I recently raised mine to 25% and increased the number of dependents on my W-4 to 9. This will keep my take home pay fairly close to what it was before and the 401k deduction will offset the lower withheld taxes.
  12. I think i need to have a talk with my accountant.
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    The winner for the best tax preparation is not who gets the biggest refund, but who gets closest to -0-......if I get no refund and I owe nothing, that's -0- and I'm the winner. That's how we've always tried to do it !
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    Here's a question Upstate. In the "chance" of an audit how do you claim the amount for washing your uniforms? I'm curious as I'd like to claim things I never had in the past.
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    Page 6 discusses tools we use for work.

    Page 7 discusses union dues.

    Page 8 discusses deducting the cost of maintaining our uniforms.
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    If you have kids your most likely going to take the standard deduction as it is going to be more that you amount of your itemized deductions unless you have thousands of dollars worth of qualified itemized deductions. If your itemized deduction are more than the standard deduction make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's and keep a record of all the items you itemized on file for at least 7 years in case uncle sam what a closer look.
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    upsguy, your post count and rep power are both 2,222.
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    He can't reply or that will screw it all up.
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    Not any more.
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    Thank you.