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  1. Sorter

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    I'm a hub employee working as a temporary cover driver for the holiday season (and hopefully beyond :happy2:). I worked the day before Thanksgiving as a driver and will also be working this Monday as a driver. Should I expect to receive cover rate holiday pay or hub rate?

    I'm under the Southern supplement.

    Thanks for any insight!
  2. cardsfanGA

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    Under the Southern Supplement as a TCD you will only receive your inside rate for holiday pay, unless you worked all week as a TCD. If you worked Mon, Tues, and Wed, then you would be considered in package for the week and would receive 8 hours at cover pay for both Thurs and Fri.
  3. Raw

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    Those days aren`t holidays.
  4. cardsfanGA

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    Thanksgiving and the Friday after are paid hoildays.