Teamsters Get Worst Contract Ever:ON that Note CEO Mike Eskew Retires!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by any122, Jan 2, 2008.

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    First let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR.Now as my fellow brothers wrap up the great new union contract.Thats a joke HA HA HA!IT's pretty obvious that the stock holders are happy.I'm sure after all was said and done they all cheered Mike and gave him a big fat check as he slides out the back door like a thief in the night.It's sad the employees of big brown let this opportunity slip right thru there hands.The union had big brown backed in a corner.But the great negotiators still failed to see this.The last thing UPS wanted was a strike.But instead the brotherhood settles for the new contract.Full of give backs,no more money for par timers,nothing to secure benefits or pensions.In the end the employees of UPS didn't achieve or gain any more than they had before.what a joke and a big disappointment for all the employees that give up more family time than anybody i know and work harder than half of the rest of the world.I hope the new CEO Scott Davis understands that without the employees of UPS who give 110% every day of the year that this company wouldn't run as smooth as is does.
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    Not likely. This guy is an outsider. UPS bought his company in the mid-80's if I'm remembering correctly.

    Also....there's a story from the annals of labor management that you might try to find. There was a behemoth of a telecommunications company that somehow wronged its employees. Can't remember if it was at the negotiating table or otherwise. Well, the employees became justifiably angry. Somehow they organized a coordinated, mass coffee break. For fifteen minutes, the phones rang and rang and RANG. There was NO ONE to answer the phones. Customer service calls went unanswered, technical support calls went unanswered, the ENTIRE company stopped receiving calls for 15 minutes. The company was embarrassed beyond measure. The CEO was thrown out the door within a week and the Board of Directors sat down with about a dozen workers to figure out what the problem was. The two parties settled the problem a few days later.

    Not sure where I saw (or heard) this but it was incredible. I could be wrong but I think it was AT&T. Tie or Channahon, maybe you've heard of this incident????? -Rocky
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    Yeah, I'm sure they're happy with the stock doing so stellar as to close in the cellar today in $69 range....

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    Which is about -7.7% below the closing price on the 3rd of January, 2007.

    Now, would that be considered overallowed or underallowed???
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    Wouldn't work here. If everyone on every shift and all of the drivers sat for 15 min., the only thing affected would be the companies bottom line. The customers wouldn't notice. By now they're used to getting deliveries in the middle of the night.
  6. Unauthorized strikes and work stoppages are not allowed according to the union contract.
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    I know. I was trying to make a point about how the bad old days were. I got a real kick out of that story when I first heard it....the college student and rebel in me liked it! I've looked but I can't find the story. -Rocky