Teamsters Local 25 Seasonal Flu Shot Schedule

Discussion in 'Health and Medical Topics' started by over9five, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Lock this thread up please
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    Because it serves it's purpose. That seems to be the criterion for the closing of all the other threads.
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    Served its purpose I meant to say.
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    I get one every year.
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    Good for you.

    How many people in the medical field do you know?
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    For your reading pleasure:

    also check this:
    "Bed Number Ten";

    "No Laughing Matter" written by Joseph Heller. Does the name sound familiar? He wrote "Catch 22" and finally;

    "A Shot in the Dark".

    I admire that you get one every year. Some people will line up like mindless cows because the government told them to.

    Think back to 1977 and tell me what happened.
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    Be sure to get in line for your flu shot.

    Read the article may have missed important parts.

    I know of a 70 yr old retired nurse that got a flu shot. Shortly thereafter she was in an area hospital, a quadriplegic on a respirator. The family had to let her go.

    You obviously know more about it than I do. Go for it dude.
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    My advice is if you want the flu get the flu shot.

    Also, I have a cousin who nearly died from the flu mist nasal inhalant a few years ago. It caused ensephalitis and they were at the end of options when they were finally able to relieve enough pressure on his brain to keep his organs from shutting down while he was in a coma. Its been a long road back and he still struggles with coordination, & memory and speech issues to this day. But the good Lord said it wasn't his time!!
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    Two guys at work got the flu, both were out for a week, they were also out of sick days when this happened. Yep, these two guys also got the flu shot.