Teamsters trouble

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    Teamsters trouble
    Robert Novak


    President Bush's continued courtship of the Teamsters union hit a snag when he did not congratulate Teamsters President James P. Hoffa for the union's recent six-year agreement with United Parcel Service.

    Teamsters officials privately complained about the administration's oversight of the union that Bush and his political aides have been wooing aggressively. In 1997, when the Teamsters were headed by Hoffa adversary Ron Carey, a bitter two-week strike cost UPS $750 million.
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    Cheryl ,
    You would think Bush would want to wait until the contract is ratified until congrats are given.
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    If this political gossip is true, it sounds like the IBT has some big egos. I suppose if Bush doesn't pander to them, they'll cut off the supply of political cash.
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    IBT support of a republican administration is to say the least "stepping out of the box." Many factions in the teamsters union some are very radical. Those that are extreme left wing in philosophy will use all opportunities available to break up this courtship of the teamster vote. This is not a condemnation of the teamsters but stating political realities.
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    This scenario should get interesting with the contract ratification ballots due back on August 27. According to the IBT's website, the results should be tabulated by August 30, which is just in time for the usual Labor Day public relations blitz. I'm sure Bush and Hoffa will exchange pleasantries that weekend because both are probably locked into making obligatory speeches and visits to union festivities. Midterm elections are set for November, so the mood will probably be "Let's make a deal."