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    George Orwell's prophecy brought to life.
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    Tech stuff installed in cars and truck in 1984.
    A program phasing in smart chips --- soon to be required inbedded in your left wrist for recording all your medical information and to track your life.
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    Coming Soon to a theater near you. TELEMATICS, WE ADDED SPEED AND BRAKING FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Sequel?
  8. no more than 9

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    I'm sure it will become a saga.
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    Kevin Bacon will star in the franchise with...what's her name?
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    A waste of money...... But a justification for some desk jockeys to have a job in Atlanta..
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    The way for a buck and a half late guy like me to look like a SUPERSTAR on paper.
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    Driver in my building had is door open for 88 out of 88 miles the other day and his seat belt was never on, yep its great system.
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    The system sucks it cost UPS more to operate it than they save by using it.. Every time the system sends information back to the center it cost the company money. No count the money it cost to keep fixing stuff that breaks or just doesn't work. The GPS in the DIAD only works right 90% of the time.
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    Not to sound like upstatenancynydaveupser but it saves a ton on production for ups and more importantly wall street. It's a game changer that's NOT EVER Going away. Upgrade your game it's time to survive and FLURISH. I did it
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    It doesn't bother me I could careless one way or the other. I could also careless if I make it on one of the reports or not. Like anything else telemactics only matter when it's the flavor of the month.
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    I have anywhere from 40 to 60 bulkhead door open events thru the course of the day. But they only register for a total of .03 or .04 miles. Yep, great system.
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    Search function try it.
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    Apparently we have a board that tells us how many events we had the day before. Been in our building since last July. Haven't heard a word about it. Has nothing to do with production.
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    We have had it for a while, last summer it was idle time, now its how many times you back, because our district has had a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: load of backing accidents. I don't mind it completely but its really just a tool to get rid of the people they want to get rid of, if your pounding out the numbers and you have some bulkhead door events, I'm pretty sure your not a target. If your an hour over and you have the same thing going out for tinted glass and cameras.