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    California Drivers

    I just heard at my center that the reason none of us have gotten a raise is because of the Cali drivers. WTF? Why are they holding everybody up? I'd like to have my meager raise before Christmas, so I can make a little more during the peak season. Stop crying like little girls and vote to pass whatever it is in California so we can get our back pay.
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    Re: California Drivers

    Dude, you got your raise, you just won't see it until everything is ratified. You will be reimbursed for hours of service, since August 1st, in a retroactive check.
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    Re: California Drivers

    The fact that your location is Atlanta Georgia makes me very suspicious
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    Re: California Drivers

    You are getting the Raise.. UPS is holding it for you and it will be in one check once everything is settled.

    If you need $13 extra a week, I would go donate plasma.

    I am going to assume you are Part Time, or just very NOT informed.

    $.70 x 5 hour x 5 days a week = 17.5
    Going to assume you are single so about 23% taxes and Union dues so yeah $13 ish a Week!

    My Money is on TROLL