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    Yes where are all those 25,000 jobs they promised veterans on TV?
  2. Right next to the.....my Sup Will be nice to me today!!!
  3. 3 done 3 to go

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    What about the 20,000 plus jobs the last 3 contracts were supposed to get also? Ups has no penalties. Most of the jobs will never be filled. They get away With too many excuses.
  4. Vote NO
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    1 cover driver at 18.50 an hour will make $38,480 a yr based on 40 hr work week, and lets say they have 140 stops a day. So lets say 2 cover drivers =$76,960 total based on 40 hr work week = 280 stops
    So what actually costs more 2 cover drivers $76,960=280 stops or 1 full time driver $37 an hour $76960=140 stops
  6. They will send them all out Surepost...No wages no benefits ..no paid vacations,...no trucks etc..!!!! That's the plan
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    Your right im just trying to point out to the full time drivers that this is their plan and they will not be making 100 grand by the end of the contract. Dont vote yes because you believe its a great deal for you cuz its a bad deal for everyone!
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    Overtime will still be awarded by seniority...the "cover driver using up all the overtime" idea is not a strong argument for a no vote.

    Also you would have to figure in the additional health care, pension, insurance, vacation costs etc. for two drivers rather than 1. Not to mention the additional costs associated with buying and sending out more trucks, including building new and larger hubs, more fuel etc. etc.

    UPS has always made more money paying time and a half to fewer drivers rather than putting more trucks and drivers on the street. Why do you think there is so much forced overtime now?

    Surepost and other sub-contracting/volume diversion is a real threat.
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    I have a question.

    If the contract does indeed go through, the way I'm reading it, anyone who does not have a seniority date by August 1st, automatically falls under the new 30/35 year retirement. Then they also fall under the 48 month progression. Correct?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Only those not covered by a Teamster pension plan would fall under the 30/35 year retirement. Everyone falls under the 4 year progression.
  11. Bagels

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    IIRC, UpsateNYUPSer belongs to a local which relinquished/diverted a portion of his past raises. That situation applies to only a handful of FT Teamsters.

    Multiply 2018 top rate by 40 hours per week = about $80K. Divide $20K by 2018 top rate OT, then divide by 52, equals about 6.8 hours -- the average weekly hours of OT/bonus a driver would need to work to reach 100K. The excess OT worked during peak will more than negate vacation & holiday weeks... most drivers will clear this threshold very easily.

    Sorry, 10 2 go, I don't know why this is so hard for you to understand / accept. Or are you one of these drivers who thinks that "inflation" doesn't measure (using an example of a weekday breakfast) a serving of Cheerios in 2013 vs. 2018, but instead a serving of Cheerios vs. the cost of dining out at Starbucks in 2018 -- therefore using the excuse "WAAAAHHHHH my paycheck hasn't kept up with inflation ... because inflation means I'm suppose to live better" or some other BS I read every day on here??!
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    Can you tell me what driver works40 hours only? Can you also include pension, health and welfare contributions in your calculation? Also, maybe include fuel and maintenance on vehicles too. Some people see what they want to see.
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    Well shoot. How do I find this out? Been there over a year and definitely part of the teamsters. Kinda confused.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We are talking dollars in our pocket, not future dollars.

    There are several drivers in my center, including myself, who have guarantee pay as part of their paycheck.
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    new contract

    This Contract Is Bad For Everyone On The Company Benefit Package. It's Not Bad For The Central States Or If Your Local Take Care Of Your Benefits But It Hurts Us In The Areas It Cost More To Live In. So I Urge All Our Brothers And Sisters To Vote No On contract
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    Re: new contract

    Why did you capitalize every word?
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    Re: new contract

    To distract from the lack of content.
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    Re: new contract

    for emphasis * got your attention
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    It's An Automated Program Used By Tdu Trying To Force A No Vote. I Used The Same One Just Now. I Say Vote Yes!
  20. 3 done 3 to go

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    We can agree to disagree on the 100k issue. I'm. About 80 miles south of Upstate. We too had our raises diverted. Like him. I work only 9 hr days,at most. Also, like him.80k By the end of this contract. You and I are against this contract. Vote NO! Rather be home. Than to make 100k. Family more important than that. I was a casual for ten yrs. I know how getting screwed over and over feels. I'm reminded on every vacation bid