TEPCO and FedEx

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    Whenever I watch a TEPCO news conference, I'm always reminded of the similarites to FedEx efforts like Frontline and UpClose. They never really confront anything head-on, preferring instead to dispense double-talk nonsense in a vain attempt at obscuring the truth. Talking heads that speak mostly misinformation in an attempt to deflect concern from the problems at hand.

    If FedEx owned the Fukishima Nuclear Plant, we'd be getting even less information than from TEPCO, because wholly-owned political stooges would be telling us everything was OK, even if the surrounding area were completely contaminated and the plant about to meltdown at any second."Yes, the vegetables are safe", and "there is no danger", and "You and your safety are our number one priority".

    It might as well be MT3 and Fred standing in front of the cameras in Tokyo, looking confused and out of touch while simultaneously assuring us that "everything is under control".

    Sure it is.
  2. Cactus

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    2 things here:

    1. Both TEPCO and FedEx don't know what they say.

    2. Both TEPCO and FedEx don't say what they know.
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    Ah, Honorable Cactus. Please not to worry about your pension, health benefits, or the purity of your vegetables, milk, or water!! TEPCO assures you that there is only 1 chest X-ray worth of radiation in that bowl of spinach you just ate (times 10,000). Trust us!
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    Fred reminds you of Qadafi, Fedex reminds you of TEPCO.

    I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess that 7 years ago Fred reminded you of Madoff and Fedex reminded you of Enron. You are becoming predictable.
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    7 years ago, Madoff wasn't even on the radar, and Lay and Skilling were just crooks. If you'd been around Express for awhile, you'd know that Fred was something of a heroic icon for many years. This is no longer the case, and he has fallen from his pedestal much in the way Moamar has lost favor with his "followers".
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    Honorable TEPCO assures you that your contract with Mr. Smith is as safe as our plant at Fukushima-Daichi. And he's just as honest and forthcoming as we are. You have nothing to worry about bbsam-san.
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