terminated for falsification of records

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    Recently i was terminated immediately for falsification of records. I was assigned a position to audit something just a week prior to this incident and had already received a warning letter and a suspension letter for not doing the audit book on a couple of days because it was clarified as failure to follow instructions. So recently i accidently did the audit sheet for a half day in advance the night previous and the next day i filled in the other half for the ending of shift not realizing what i did. When they explained the situation to me they asked how i did the audit and if i realized that something was missing. i said i thought i saw everything and checked it off. then they told me that i signed it and didnt notice the missing item. they say that because i did the audit a half day in advance and for missing the object but saying it was there anyways it was considered falsifying company documents and grounds for immediate termination. If anyone has been involved in a situation similar to this or maybe has any insight to help me out or advice and that or knows anyone that was terminated and got their job back i would appreciate the feedback as to help in my pursuit of reinstatement.
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    OK, I'll bite.
    Question #1: What was your job?
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    Audit job? Almost sounds like the "I'm the guy who takes pictures of damages" job.:wink2:
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    OK you needed to explain your job and GD, you people need to stop talking to the super sups with no steward. Super Sups are not your friend. READ THE DAMN CONTRACT, sorry don't mean to be such an ass but you need to understand that by coming here is a good idea to get info but at the some time you have not stated if you have contacted the union or a steward. WHAT is your JOB. If I'm right you are one of the poeple who see if the weight is correct and you as well may even help with recover items that may not be all there and you have to deal with returning the package to the shipper. In other words damage audit or scale audit. We had a girl who does this type of job and she has done the same thing you are talking of. She was let go and then given her job back with a 10 day with no pay. You have stated you are filling out paper or audit sheets the day before and how are you filling out the sheets with no work in front of you. That is dump thing to do. So don't do it if you get your job back. Please post what your job is and call the local.
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    Spending most of my career in feeders, I, too, don't have a clue what your job is. BUT, I do have a clue as to why you were terminated.

    You stated at the first of your opine that you had already received a warning and suspension letter for, from what it appears, almost the same thing you got terminated for. Not to be a smartass here but that kinda sets the tone for your work ethic or your attentiveness on the job.

    It would seem to me that if I kept sticking a pencil in my eye and wondered why it hurt and somebody told me it was because the pencil was sharp and quit doing that and it won't hurt, MAYBE I would quit doing that or pay more attention. Ya THINK?

    Now, I don't have any solutions to your situation, only what has been suggested so far. Get union representation and get it now! Fight for you job back and promise you won't do it anymore and pay more attention. Sorry. Good luck.
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    Yep what he said.
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    nm this
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    I just don't understand why people can't do their jobs and ask how they can get it back via the union. You should already know what you should have been doing to preserve your position from the two first forms of discipline. You have also failed at procuring a union steward at the firstsign of a problem, in which case he would have knowledge of your situation.
    If you have had as much motivation to that you have now to get your job back before they terminated you, you wouldn't have this problem now. I'm sick of people only calling on the union to get their jobs back when most of this crap is avoidable if they would just be active in the same union they bash when they don't need them. I'm not directing this problem solely at the OP, but if you haven't taken the time to even know your rights, I'd wager you haven't taken the time to know how to correct your behavior.
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    Sorry to say, it sounds like he knew what he did was wrong, now he just needs an excuss. How do you put yourself in that position. And then do this. SORRY YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID IS RIGHT.
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    I'm sick of people only calling on the union to get their jobs back when most of this crap is avoidable if they would just do their jobs the way that they were taught.

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    methods-shmethods....doesn't fly ??
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    this would be perfectly fine if what we were taught is the same from sup to sup, center to center, building to buidling. The problem is that there are so many inconsistancies between methods and procedure that you'll never be 100% right.

    When you work in one matchbox center for 20 years you must tend to forget that it is an anomalous situation, rather than what actually goes on widespread across the country.
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    ...and this is why I enjoy coming here. I have learned a lot about what some of you guys have to deal with that has not been my experience. Steve referred to UPS centers as franchises with their own rules.
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    Yes, that is exactly right.
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    Methods are words. When the management team that is suppose to be there to protect you is actually trying to hurt you, methods mean absolutely nothing. When you follow the methods and get written up because your sup doesn't think you are producing fast enough, methods mean nothing. Methods are words that get in the way of a lot of supervisors who don't give two ..........
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    I dpnt believe this guy is a Union employee , are you ?
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    How did you "accidently" do the audit form the night before you were suppose to. From reading your post I would have to say good luck and take care. You knew what you were doing was wrong, you knew it could lead to discipline bacuse you have been disciplined for not doing it and yet you did falsify records anyways.

    In order to terminate you, you must fail under the 7 steps of just cause as a union member. Read this and see if what your answers are.

    The seven test of just cause represent a practical and effective way to determine whether a proposed disciplinary action is firmly and fairly grounded. It is fair to assume that these tests will be applied by arbitrators in the event that disciplinary actions are challenged, and it is therefore good practice to apply them prospectively when considering the imposition of progressive discipline.
    Seven tests:

    1. Notice
    2. Reasonable Rules & Orders
    3. Investigation
    4. Fair Investigation
    5. Proof
    6. Equal Treatment
    7. Penalty

    1. Notice
      • Prior to imposition of discipline, employee must have notice of rules and expectations.
      • Establish through:
        • New employee orientation
          • Orientation checklists
          • Receipts for departmental handbooks
      • Periodic reinforcement/coaching.
    2. Reasonable Rules & Orders
      • Can not be inconsistent with collective bargaining agreement(s).
      • Can not be arbitrary or capricious.
        • Must be reasonably related to business necessity
    3. Investigation
      • Must be thorough; consider all evidence, pro & con.
      • Must be timely:
        • Should be completed expeditiously.
        • Occurs before discipline imposed.
      • Give accused opportunity to respond
        (Loudermill Hearing).
        Allow union representation. (Weingarten rights)

      Fair Investigation
      • Result must not be forgone conclusion.
      • Test assumptions/bias.
    4. Proof
      • Level of proof is normally “substantial evidence.”
      • Greater proof required for more serious allegations.
    5. Equal TreatmentEqual treatment must be balanced against just application:
      • Rules must be applied even-handedly & without discrimination.
      • Rules must be applied justly.
      • i.e., don’t blindly apply same rule to all situations - managers/supervisors are expected to exercise judgment.
    6. Penalty

      • Must be fair, not arbitrary & capricious, or based on emotional response.
      • Factor in length of service, prior performance history, and previous progressive discipline.
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    What's disturbing is I have read all of your comments and this guy has not replied to any of you guys. How are we suppose to help him without him giving us more info. Like one guy said, Good luck.
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    You say good luck I say good riddens. You get a warning letter its time to change some behavior or get some traing to improve/correct said issue. You get a suspension its a wake up call that you are moving in the wrong direction. Like I tell all my guys if/when they get a warning letter..."If you don't want the job then just quit. When they interview the line is out the parking lot to get in here. Shape up or ship out."