Terminated for Scratch did'nt Tell

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  1. Yesterday my husband was terminated when he was pulling his package car from the docks and touched the car next to him. He put a couple of scratches on it but didn't report it because he didn't think it was necessary. Another driver happened to see it and reported the damage to the Supervisor. So today he was terminated and escorted out of the building. He's been driving for about a year and is known as a very hard worker. He's going to file a grievance, what are the chances he'll get his job back?
  2. surfin57

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    if the other truck was not a ups vehicle he's toast and even it was there's a very slim chace
  3. MR_Vengeance

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    they usually let the "hard workers" get away with this type of stuff. i've seen people get away with some scratch and small dents, they wouldn't make a big deal out of it unless they've been targeting him for awhile.
  4. Griff

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    Whoever ratted on him should be harassed into retirement. People have gotten their job back for much worse, but who knows...cross your fingers.
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    Re: Terminated for Scratch didn't Tell

    He was pulling out of the building surrounded by other drivers and didn't report an accident ? Did he know he hit the other Package Car and thought the other driver should get blamed for it? It is common knowledge you always report stuff like this, odds are he could have wrote it up on his DVIR and the mechanic could have put some touchup paint on it. Package Cars get scratched up all the time in the building. He should have reported it. While its ridiculous to me to fire someone over a paint scratch, it sounds like he was fired for dishonesty. I hope he gets his job back and learns a valuable lesson.
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    Another driver told on him? Hmm.....that tells me that the other driver must have been on the Brown Nosing Commit...OOPS....I mean the Safety Committee.
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    Where I'm from drivers get their jobs back for not reporting accidents as long as they are minor.

    My opinion is he should have just told his sup. about it. Its only a scratch for heavens sake. In my eyes a driver shouldn't even be charged in this case.

    Can't you just give us a break? We are working hard for you and you force us to squeeze our package cars into slots made for compact cars and charge us with an accident for 1 little scratch?

    But its UPS we're talking about here.
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    Was he in the union or a scab? The other driver may have been just covering his own ass so he doesn't get blamed for the incident.
  9. tieguy

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    Geez dude why the scab line? You haven't had any of those in 10 years.

    Good chance he'll get his job back if the facts are as you say. The punishment usually has to fit the crime.
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    "The other driver may have been just covering his own ass so he doesn't get blamed for the incident."

    I agree with Braveheart. Sorry, sounds like your husband was unable to take responsibility for his own actions, and was willing to let another driver take the blame for the damage to HIS car.

    The driver whos car was hit did the right thing reporting the damage.
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    ALWAYS report stuff like that! I’ve never seen anyone fired for reporting a minor incident like you’ve described.

    Scab comment………….. Call it what you want, but if I see a dent, scrape, gouge, or whatever on my car during pretrip you can bet your *ss I’m reporting it. I’m not going to throw my butt in a sling to cover for a “brother”. The way I see it the “brother” already tried to screw me.
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    When he gets his job back, he should over report.
    I report every tiny new scratch on my vehicle and with the space mine is in, every morning there are new ones. Its parked by the sort and all kinds or carts, people and floor scrubers are parked by it.
    They never even look at what I tell them is there, they cover their ears and eyes.(hear no evil see no evil) But people see me, and hear me, so I have back up.
    It used to matter if your truck got a minor scratch, now it only matters if the driver does it.
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    Re: Terminated for Scratch didn't Tell

    You gotta love that one. I think we are all trained on the Braille method. It stinks to have to climb through the cabs of two or three other Package Cars just so you can get into your own. I have a hard time just trying to pull out of the lineup in the morning. And I have never liked the way we are so crammed together. I'm in a Hub that was built about ten years ago, and it was out of space the first year. We use four PDUs just top get dock space for package cars. It seems like the company would plan ahead when located in a high growth area and build bigger facilities. Reminds me of the way they build public schools around here. By the time a new school is built, the playground or parking lots have "mobile learning classrooms" (trailers) all over the place.:mad:
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    We had a driver back into a post. the driver told the man of the house and he said to forget about it so they did. The lady of the house found out about it and called ups and wanted 8 dollars for the hindge. The driver was fired on the spot and was off for a week. Terminations are a way of buissness with ups and the unions usually comes to rescue if you are in good standings.
    We recently had a driver hit and kill a dog and did not report it. Someone called it in and the driver was fired on the spot. He was suppose to be off for a week but we were so short handed he was called back early.
    Id say he will get his job back. Just remember report everything!!!!
  15. trickpony1

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    I've known pkg drivers that didn't think they could get their pkg car out of the line-up safely so they went and got the center manager to pull the car out for them.
    Did it change anything? Nope. The building is only so big.
    I'm sure the center manager got tired of pulling cars out but, at least, the problem was brought to the forefront.
  16. 1989

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    Have always called a sup. over when I have to pull out of lineup scrapping another truck...common sense...Sometimes the scrapes are metal to metal on both cars.
  17. maybrown

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    If the supevisor likes him, your husband should not be fired.
    This is not a serious accident ( no police report, no ambulance).
    Tell him that he will have a job back with back payment.
  18. tieguy

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    seems like there is more to this story then we know. Kind of hard to prove your husband created the scratch unless he admitted it when asked or someone saw him do it.

    i also find it hard to believe he has been driving for a year and did not know he had to report damage to his package car.
  19. HazMatMan

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    Was he terminated the same day, or the next day?? Something like that is not a cardinal sin, and thus not a dischargeable offense. Now if the Center Manager has it in for him then he would put him on a 72. He would be fired in the presence of the Business Agent.(Who wouldn't let him be fired for something petty like that anyway, if, what you are saying is true, a couple of scratches) Or was he terminated for not reporting what you are saying are a couple of scratches?? If he knew he scratched the truck up then it may be an integrity issue of not reporting it...
  20. area43

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    Tooner,I believe you said you had a Brand new pkg car. That means you will have to be extra careful, smart move on your part on reporting everything.