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    Hello, I am a UPS warehouse emplyee for just about 3years, although it feels like 10! I'm here for my husband's situation(he's been at UPS for just over 4years). He was recently fired because he didn't have proof that some co-shifters were messing with him on and off the clock. He had his "hearing" today and they had the cops waiting for him to press charges against him for "false statements "...........there were two of his location union reps with him but all they said was he can file for unemployment and reapply in a year a different locations! Foes any have any advice? I am not sure what exact it is I am hoping to accomplish but this is just not sitting right with me.
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    So, what did he do to get fired?
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    What were they doing to him?
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    Multiple personality?
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    LOL, nope.
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    If this isnt one of those bots that drum up AI questions then it must be the same foreigner customer service rep I seem to always get when I call about my satellite service.

    Cops don't press charges for false statements. They might arrest for false information to law enforcement but they will never "press charges" for anything that is a civil issue and not criminal. Any other BULLS*T you want to spew troll?


    Thank you for the 5 free months of satellite though!!!
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    We need you to first post a selfie in order to help. It's ok, I'm a mod.
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    It’s not a warehouse
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    Yeah this is stupid. Post is stupid and makes zero sense.
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    Might have to shut this down.
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    In before the lock!
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    Wait until After the selfie arrives .....
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    This is probably the dumbest topic thread I have ever read on this forum
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    What warehouse you in? Clarksville?
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    We prefer to refer to those as "avant-garde threads".
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    Not been here long.