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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 705red, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. 705red

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    I would like to thank everyone in the Central region that voted for Steve Pocztowksi. As many of you know Steve had passed away leaving Vegas after accepting the nomination. His name was left on the ballot and in doing so he received the most votes in this region than any other canidate.

    Steve would have been an excellent VP to all the members within the Teamsters. As 705's principal officer he united all fronts within our local. He led by example and fought for every contract violation that happened.

    Steve I hope there is truly an after life and I know that you are resting easier after seeing these results.

    You EARNED this position!!!!!

    Your wife and sons truly have to be proud of your accomplishments in life and this is the icing on the cake!

    We all were robbed by Steve's early end, but what this man accomplished in his short life has to make many think about their own existance.

    Pocztowski 40,012
    Buhle 39,877
    Coli 39,898
    Sweeton 39,961
    Conor 28,097
    Jones 28,097
    Zuckerman 27,884
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    Red, I agree completely with your kind words regarding Steve. A more genuine man you will not find. I'm not from L705 but I did talk with Steve and he always offered wise counsel and would help in anyway he could. He would have been an excellent VP for many reasons but mostly because of the common ground he could always find to bring people together. God Bless his wife and boys. Thank you Red for your post.
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    Thanks Inthegame. Im glad you had the ability to meet him and talk to him. Hes not like alot of the guys that have that "God" complex to them. You know the guys that might say Hi back and keep walking if they say anything at all.

    Im looking into trying to get the results framed up but I dont want it to be just plain paper, so I can give it to his boys. Any ideas?????
  4. cachsux

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    Have it printed on heirloom paper at a office supply store.

    I remember Steve giving me advice as a rookie feeder driver back in the day. He took the time back then to look out for many of us.
  5. Anonymous 10

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    Sounds like a real good man. You always remember the ones who take the time to show you the ropes at the beginning.