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    As some of you know, I voted No on the National, Regional, and Ohio contract language during first presentation. I also have been constructively critical of of our current IBT leadership. After a great deal of reading, thought, and consideration, I plan on voting YES to our revised Central Region Supplement and Ohio Rider.

    The following are my reasons:

    1) I have many concerns about the continued viability of Unions in this country. I want to do my part in making sure that they continue to both survive and thrive. UNITY is the key to a strong Union and I do not want to be part of dividing it any longer. I feel that our IBT leadership has done the best they can do…….given the circumstances and era that they are negotiating in. It is very easy to be an "armchair quarterback" and be critical of others when you are sitting anonymously behind a keyboard. I know….because I have been one of them..

    2) I believe that much of the remaining "Vote No" sentiment comes from two groups of individuals:

    a) Those that have been personally scorned or reprimanded by UPS. - Understandable....many of us have seen injustice in the discharge process...

    b) Local 89 - Political motives create powerful incentives to lead groups of people into blindly following their "leadership". History reveals that most human beings are followers. We listen to charismatic individuals who carefully manipulate the english language into words and ideas that serve their political aspirations. Very few people take the time to read and understand all the facts that go into major decision making such as the writing of our contract. I refuse to be a pawn in the political process and focus my attention on what I believe is best for the majority of our members. NOTE: I believe that some of the Local 89 issues have some merit that should be able to be worked out in a "Memorandum of Understanding"….. The long commute process seemed to be a legitimate concern….however…I believe this is locally isolated issue that should be able to be resolved……..MINUS the POLITICAL MANEUVERING of jeopardizing many of us others in the process..

    3) Article 17 (i) - There has been much discussion and controversy about this article. "Other Serious Offenses". No matter how you write this portion of the contract, the company can ALWAYS find a way to discharge you if they want to. "Why" you may ask?" ……because this huge corporate entity we call UPS has LOTS and LOTS of MONEY, TIME, and the BEST of Lawyers. Does this mean that we the small guy cannot beat them? Of Course Not………….we not only have the Union contract language…..we have the civil court system if we feel for some reason that the Union failed to represent us properly…

    4) TeamCare Medical Benefits - I was initially adamantly opposed to going into TeamCare…. No one likes change especially if it "appears" that it will not be as good as what we had with UPS. TeamCare is an excellent H & W plan. All the benefits of TeamCare are beyond the scope of this post however……how can one be disappointed with a H & W plan that will take care of your family's health care coverage for five (5) years in the event of your death? As far as retiree P/T coverage…..the TeamCare plan is significantly better than the UPS plan in coverage benefits. To really understand the concept of benefits and benefits levels…..you need to understand the economic framework of the entire negotiating process. The important thing to remember is that UPS is paying increasingly more for your benefits up to the point that exceeds their ability to do so in a fiscally sound manner.

    5) Enhanced Benefits for new Participants - I don't believe any of us likes this outwardly unfair concept that only new members receive increased benefits. A two-tier system is never good for Unity……….. I'm not sure how over time this can be rectified, however it is my hope that once the TeamCare plan is found to remain financially secure over the next few years, benefit levels for the EXISTING participants can be improved. Perhaps this could be worked out with the IBT and the TeamCare administrators. IS it something we want to vote NO over at this time??? Absolutely NOT….… We simply need to make sure the TeamCare plan remains solvent…and that benefit levels are eventually equal and/or fair between members…

    6) The 4.5 Billion Profit Chant - The most common and misunderstood statement I here from most NO voters is the amount of profit that UPS makes.. ANYONE that has successfully operated a business will tell you that there is much more to running a successful business than what it appears to be. 4.5 Billion is NOT a lot of profit for a company the size of UPS… I would love to see a Schedule C of those critics that believe UPS should be willing to "spread more of the wealth" around to it's employees.

    Summary - It's time to move on and live life. My mother just passed away last week and I believe that too many of us spend time looking at the glass as "half empty" rather than "half full". Be happy that you have a job. Be happy that you are alive and well. Be happy for any family you may have. Don't play into the hands of those that are using you for political gain. Think for yourselves and pursue your dreams and goals. Your career at UPS is a stepping stone for both you and your family. We will prevail working at UPS only if we remain UNITED in our efforts and move on listening to the recommendations of our IBT Leadership and accept this contract.

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    InsideUPS just hit it out of the park.
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    Nice. This is exactly where I am out. They fixed some of the issues, and while not happy about a few, we just kinda got to eat it at this point. We have to keep the union healthy in the political enviroment that we have now. A lot of the politicions are out to bust unions at this point. We can't afford to have anything weaken us.

    I would add a c.) to your #2. People that either don't understand the recently revised Teamcare, or don't realize what is happening with healthcare in the rest of the country. Costs are either skyrocketing or companies are providing a lot (and I mean a LOT) less coverage for the same price. Insurance companies were jacking prices up before Obamacare passed, and now they are using the uncertainty of it to totally rape the American workers with the money coming out of your paycheck for it and the amount you pay at the doctor. Short version (rough but close estimates), my other job's insurance costs $55/week for you and spouse, $115/week you and family. Coverage: you pay everything (outside of the copays, and routine such as physicals, yearly checkups, etc) up to 1500/person, 3000/family, you then pay 20% up to out of pocket maximum:$3000/person, $5000/family. Lifetime max of $1,000,000 I belive. A heart transplant (one of the most expensive operations) is roughly a $2,500,000 operation. And wages avg between $10 and $18 dollars an hour for blue collar and non-management office personnel.
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    We don't always agree but I respect what you have to say. You are obviously one of the most intelligent posters on this forum and what you have posted here goes a long way. Great post and I truly respect you.
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    Good for you. I have never found a perfect contract. Like I tell my guys. When you find a perfect contract, let me know and I'm gone. Don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon.

    This isn't a perfect contract, but weighing what's going on in the world and unions are taking it on the chin its good enough.
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    Anyone who can vote on a health care package without knowing exactly what is consists of; is not an educated voter. UPSers and their families deserve to know how this new benefit package will affect them. I would have no problem voting for this package if it was honestly and completely explained. Why would you vote on something without knowing all the details?
  7. ezmoney5150

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    I've been on it my entire full time career. I'll tell you its fine.
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    Actually ezmoney it's enhanced. So it's even better than fine.
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    browned out.... you make a good point and I understand your concerns. I personally have accepted the fact that UPS is "out of the healthcare business". We simply have to accept this fact. It is non-negotiable.

    UPS will contribute X amount of $dollars for our H & W benefit package. It is a negotiated amount....increasing over the 5 year contract period. The X amount of dollars will buy Y amount of benefits. Most all of the important and major benefit coverages have been very well explained by TeamCare representatives, DVD's, etc.. I for one know all I need to know about the TeamCare benefit package to make an "educated" decision. Your fear of change is something I do understand however. I truly believe that all things considered.....TeamCare is the best alternative we have to our previous UPS plan which will no longer exist on Jan 1, 2014. There is strength in numbers and the more that we can enroll in the TeamCare program.....the better off we all will be.
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    For now.
    What happens when the Central States Board of Directors decides to enact their right to change the plan, per the memorandum of understanding contained in the National Master?
    What recourse will we have then?

    The same terms were contained in the last contract in regards to the company, as they reserved the right to change the health care plan also.
    The only difference now is that in the past the union could strike the company in the Central Region if the company tried to change our health care plan.
    When health care costs escalate above the contributions UPS will be locked into, what recourse will we have when Central States tells us that they are going to have to reduce our benefits or divert our raises?
    AGAIN NONE!!!!
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    Unfortunately some of us weren't told the whole story about the FREE insurance for five years in the event the member dies. The insurance is only guaranteed IF you or your Dr, hospital or clinic, lab, ER or any other service provider NEVER goes outside the provider plan for anything...not once...or your free insurance plan is gone for good. Ask your TeamCare rep about that small detail. Don't email them tho, it takes 9 days for them to respond back.

    Say what you want to but get all the facts first. This contract is a Trojan Horse. UPS can't afford a strike either. But they're gambling on us blind sheep to be so scared and fearful to see this through that they're breaking out the wine glasses in Scott Davis's office already. He's probably buying since he make $6,200.00 AN HOUR. Great post. Can't wait to see what the part timers give up the next contract to these rich losers...on both sides.
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    That information is on the TeamCare UPSers website. The requirement is actually not going to an out-of-network provider for at least two years prior to the policy holder's death.
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    The TeamCare rep told our local it was changed to "from the first day you join until the day you retire or die, whichever comes first". Even two years is a gamble.
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    You are in the minority. That's the world you're living in.
    Just by reading you and 407's postings i it's easy to conclude that the part time families future doesn't matter and THAT attitude is exactly why the unions are losing ground. If they'd treat the full time like you say it's OK to treat the insignificant futures of the part time you'd be raising cane. You're good with it because you only care about your world and that's BS. It's hard to change people's minds unless they have a conscience. UPS isn't going to push it to a strike vote. They just are counting on biased and complacent employees to push the rest of the part time sheep over the cliff. Posting on this issue is a waste of time. Go ahead and screw over your fellow workers. What goes around comes around.
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    Most well thought out post on the Brown Cafe in a long time. Points well made.

    Also, my condolences on the loss of your mother.
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    I can't wait until UPS says they're out of the 'union' business. Lucky for them, the union will be ready to help them out.
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    I voted yes to my local (177) and no to the master. The master past and the local failed. Looks like healthcare is good for 177 and the west(not because of the vote down). Pension raise is still being negotiated. I was ok with the local contract before. Now if we get more which looks like it could be the case. Thank you to the no voters. But if the pension isn't raised to what we were offered before. It's a no vote for me.
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    I started with this company as a part timer and I do care what happens to them, but they have to help themselves. You don't write a contract for people who won't vote. Its just the reality of it. If we gave them a pay raise to $20 an hour and froze my pay I could care less. The reality of it is that I'm in the minority on this issue. You'd have a 70% no vote if we froze our wages. They won't help themselves by voting for some reason. I voted for every contract back to 1990
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    All our part time people voted and it looks like local 100, 957, 413, 20 and we know 89 did.
    Got another freaking flyer from the IBT masterminds AGAIN today. Hey, let's shoot the Ohio Rider down and change it to make our dues payment a four year progression too. If its good enough for us, it's good enough for the IBT too.
  20. STLFeeder

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    Hoffa: Vote yes my sheep. Keep following me over the edge of this cliff I'm driving you all to.