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    Sorry about the confusinon in my messages. All your advice is greataly appreciated. There seems to be some confsuion on what human resources told us back in september when I'm hearing from the board. My supervisor told me just last week that he will tell me when I get into the union. So I'm not sure if i should contact someone at my local union even though i;m not officaly in the union yet. What I dont get is I def worked 30 days from septemeber until January so how come I'm not in the union yet???
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    All days worked from October through December are counted as seasonal employment, if you didn't have your 30 days in prior to October 1 then they won't count toward your seniority.
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    Is that true? Isn't Peak Nov-Dec? I know Oct was the first month of peak on the old contract.
  4. laborer

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    Article 46 Sec 2 in the Southern Sup says, " Any employee hired after Oct 1 shall not accure days towards seniority in the months of Oct, Nov, and Dec." It also says seasonal employees shall be notified they are seasonal by signing a seasonal-employee notice.

    I guess a case could possibly be made that if hired in September some of, or all reports could count toward the 30 day probation period.
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    The Upstate NY supplemental states that the free period is from Nov 10th until December 31st.
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    Someone who curently is a ups driver in long island told me that time counts until october 15th and than everything after christmas.