Thanks for sharing the wealth Fred. Not!!!!!!

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    Don't worry, Wall Street and the corporate titans are doing just fine .

    I highly doubt they'll tell you this though, I'm expecting more doom and gloom talks to precede more benefit cuts, slashed hours, and no raises... or one that doesn't even equal inflation or the decreased benefits.

    And We're Back! Dow 14,000 Fuels a New Wealth Boom

    so , who's feeling wealthy?
  2. MrFedEx

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    Worshipping the Weasel requires you to ignore record corporate profits and extravagant CEO salaries. Ignoring the 14,000 Dow, claiming that the "39% corporate tax rate" is killing job creation, and doom and gloom require both GOP and Weasel Worship.

    If you place the tinfoil hat on your head and point towards Memphis, it will all make sense.