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    I found this thread on a Car Audio Board I post at.

    You actually got a settlement from UPS?? After working customer service at an e-retailer, and also having problems with them while living in the city, I'll never use them again. Man I can't remember how many times I had to help a customer track down thier packages. Sometimes, we'd just be shipping from a Chicago suburb to a Chicago suburb, and the package would have scans in California 2 weeks later. I had good experiences with them when I lived in the suburbs, but I was only two blocks from a UPS center. I'm sure the supervisors were strict right by the center. When I moved in the city, though, I'd be homeall day (was working nights)and the tracking number would show noone was home and they left the package at the door. Only I would be at home waiting for the package, and they wouldn'tt even ring. So the package was AWOL. I don't know how many times this happened.

    Thank god FedEx bought RPS so they have a ground service now. Much more reliable, and you can require a signature.

    Plus, did you know almost all of UPS's customer service call centers are outsourced? So the reason the people are so rude and never help when you call, is they aren't even UPS employees, don't have very good training, are usually new because the turnover is so obnoxiously high, and they get paid $8 or under depending on the call center location, and they don't even get benefits until they've been there a whole year.

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    I for us, 1 for them..........

    Unlike some people's rants about the USPS, I have never had a problem with them either.

    I don't use them however. (Barely)

    At the USPS, anything larger than 3 pounds is going to cost too much money. (Compared to UPS etc)......and NO TRACKING.....that Delivery Confirmation is NOT TRACKING....I wish people on eBay would stop saying "Same thing"...It isn't.

    UPS tracking shows where your package is each step of its journey and you can FIND it if it's lost (Tracer....I have done a tracer twice.)....USPS "Delivery Confirmation"? A JOKE! It tells you IF it got delivered...doesn't even say WHERE....just IF it's delivered.

    Plus, UPS gives you the first 100.00 of insurance for free....the USPS charges for every penny of insurance.

    I use the Post for "Priority Mail" delivery of payments and letters...that's it.
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    See if you can find someone to type an english version for you.
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    didnt call UPS stupid,,no way jose theyare number 1 baby
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    Let me clear this up......

    My first two post are copies of post that I found on another board unrelated to UPS or any other carrier. I posted them as reminders that not everyone is happy with our service at times. We can't rest until every single customer is happy. Before anyone bashes me as being some hard nosed management person, I'm a driver, and I'll continue to drive for the duration of my career with UPS.
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    upsdude: I'm with you, and what you found on that post doesn't surprise me. We need to watch what we do, and not key someone as "not in" before we actually see if they aren't in!