The Aetna Nightmare

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    A buddy at work has been dealing with Aetna for STD benefits and 6 weeks has gone by without him receiving a check. Everytime he calls his Case Worker the call ends up in voicemail with no return calls for days. They keep asking for more and more paperwork every day. He is going insane and its unfair one has to fight for a benefit we are entitled to. Aren't these companies supposed to work for us, not against us?? Has anyone else delt with this type of nightmare? What could be done? Please share your Aetna experiences.
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    Sounds horrible,apparently your buddy is not alone...
    not much help but misery loves company
    Why Do People Hate Aetna? 74% People Do (483 opinions)
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    I also have a coworker going through the same's a shame!!!!
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    Claims delayed is money saved.


    Agree, and they think by doing it, one is going to go away and forget about everything.
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    If just one out if 10 gives up from frustration, that's money in the bank.
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    Try to contact your state disability agency, at least in NJ std benefits are supposed to be no less than state benefits. Maybe to threaten Aetna with this may help. I've collected from Aetna 2x, didn't really have that much trouble, just had to have doctor fill out form w/estimate time to return to work. I recieved the checks from Aetna on the same schedule I would have gotten them from the state.


    Thanks! Thats great advice, Ill tell my coworker to look into that possibility.


    They denied one of my coworkers claim stating it wasn't a work related injury...duh, it was for short term disability. The 3 times I have been out on STD, I avoided those jerks....never heard anything good about them.
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    Aetna is a joke. Their main concern is whether or not the employee is receiving some form of worker's compensation, based on the overall FedEx campaign to rid the company of anyone who is injured, sick, or otherwise a "liability". In other words, Aetna wants to make sure that they don't have to pay if they can have workers comp foot the bill. I have also heard horror stories about phone calls that are never returned, and checks that take months to get issued. Too bad for the employee who isn't receiving a dime the whole time they decide which end is up. Again, total disregard for the needs of the employee.

    As usual, the employee's needs are considered last, because they had the unmitigated gall to become sick and/or injured, and cost Fred Smith potential additional profit. Eventually, they will have to pay-up, and the employee will be issued a check retroactive to the date of injury/sickness...minus the waiting period.

    Just another shining example of the way FedEx regards it's workers...with contempt. How dare you become unavailable to Fred, especially now, when most locations are understaffed and unable to deliver the Purple Promise. My station had several hundred Code 01's today, due to heavy inbound, not enough people or trucks, and general mismanagement and overall incompetence. Sound familiar?

    Rather than step-up and do more, step-back and do less, and let management figure it all out.


    Mr FedEx, you can't say it any better, I can't agree any more with you. You always hit the nail on the head, or like they say back home, "siempre le pone la tapa al pomo", (which translate basically the same). Feliz Navidad my friend!
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    Same exact problem here. Way understaffed (as direct result of managements inaction) and package counts thru the roof this week. Absolute nightmare. One route last night brought back 50+ dex 1's !!! As with you 100's throughout the station all in the name of maintaining SO service. What a freakin joke.