The Blessings of Hieirarchial Life

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 17, 2010.

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    No need for our soietial elites of whom we choose to master our lives having to except the realities of economic life in our world today. When reality sez we should downsize, accept fiscal responsibilty and living within our means, why should they have too?

    Regardless of party or political belief, see one of our masters abusing the economic trust (and it's epidemic too), post a link and expose them for what they really are! Until we proclaim principle over political expediency, why should they change if we don't?
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    He wouldn't last another election here, guarenteed !
    Our last governor (called Premier here), named Klein, actually, didn't even except the new car that came with the job.
    He was also the lowest paid premier of all provinces.

    But, we got a new one (klein quit on his own), and one of the first things he did, was gave himself a 35% payraise (now the highest paid premier in Canada).
    His election is comming up next year. - Good-bye !
    The polls show it.
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