The Case for Zero Loyalty

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    Recently, we had a manager return to work after a serious operation...barely within 90 days. When I saw this person for the first time upon their return, they were still visibly ill. In fact, ill to the point of being barely able to function. Later that day, I stepped into their office and asked point-blank "how are you really doing"? Immediately, the manager broke down and said that the only way they were even making it through the day was with intense pain meds, which made it hard to concentrate on even the easy stuff. This person had literally been in bed constantly up until their 90-day limit was up, and clearly in no shape to return to work.

    Here's the point. How many co-workers have you seen in the same situation? I have seen lots, and many do end-up getting displaced because what they have is impossible to correct in 90 days or less. FedEx doesn't care, and that's why you shouldn't care about FedEx. Let's say you're a stellar 15-year employee who has always been Purple, seldom called-in sick, and always done a great job for Fred.

    One day, you're walking from your truck during a delivery and you slip on the ice and tear up your knee. It's pretty bad, and you need an operation. First, it's your fault, which is a given. Second, it takes a couple of weeks before surgery is approved and then the doctor says you have a 3-month rehabilitation period, during which time you have significant lifting and movement restrictions. No problem, you're in good shape and you can do it in less than 90 days.

    Wait a second. In physical therapy, you aren't responding as quickly as you should, and the pain is really bad. You go back to the doctor and they say that they need to go back-in and clean-up some scar tissue that got missed. Now, you're at 50 days and counting. There's no way you'll be back within 90 days.

    So, you call your manager and tell them your situation. "Sorry", says the manager, but you need to be back at full-duty status within 90 days or you are displaced. Now, the reality is starting to sink-in. You are going to be displaced.

    You are finally cleared back to full-duty status 110 days after your injury, but there aren't any jobs available in the local area. The nearest courier job is 2 states away and is a swing position in a place you have never been. Besides, you can't afford to sell your home and disrupt your family, so you can't take the position. The clock is ticking, and nothing opens up locally.

    You are gone.

    I have seen this happen to a lot of people, Most of them were FedEx "believers", who thought the company was there for them. Well...they aren't, and this can happen to anyone at any time.

    If you ever think that you are anything more than an employee number to FedEx, please consult a psychiatrist immediately so you can get on the proper medications. All of us at the hourly level are completely disposable at any time, especially if you get sick or injured. Most companies give employees at least 180 days in which to recover, and then have return-to-work options that aren't available at FedEx, such as TRW programs. Oh, that's right, FedEx did away with TRW. Why was that? Because it speeds-up the time it takes to get rid of you, and having you be a CSA for a few weeks isn't "productive" enough to justify doing it. With TRW, you would have had the extra days to get back because it extends the 90-day window...that's why it no longer exists.

    Statistically, older employees are injured and/or sick more often, and this is greasing the skids to get them out the door. If you still want to think that FedEx cares, go ahead and delude yourself. This is just one of the reasons FedEx is such an unethical organization. Fred has worked for years to create a system where the employees are completely at the mercy of the company, and he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. And FedEx has no mercy, except for PR campaigns where they support ORBIS, pandas, or other giving and/or charitable organizations. But when it comes to their own, there is no mercy or pity...just callous disregard.

    FedEx deserves Zero Loyalty, because that what they give you. Mr. Smith only wants you when you are healthy and making him money. As soon as that cash flow stops, you are red-flagged for elimination.

    Thanks, Fred.
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    You're right. I've seen, first hand, someone that was trying to get cleared back to work on the hurry-up after they were diagnosed with some sort of blood cancer.

    Someone needs to sue the pants off of X for this 90 day B.S.
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    Samething goes for Women couriers who are pregnant. Back in the day there was no such thing as light duty. Try working 9 months pregnant and heavy lifting. I saw several women in the late 80 early 90 lose their child, due to the heavy lifting. We were required to do the same job. They did not recognize a pregnant courier. I drove a Gruman full of frieght and many of my fellow couriers asked management to let me have their routes until after I had my child. Our SM said no because it would show favortism. My manager would meet me on the road and help me to deliver the packages. After having your child, PT had to use their vacation and be back at work within 2 to 4 weeks. FT got 6 weeks. There are many situations that have not improved. They need to take a better look at this policy....

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    What a wonderful company this is . People first. BS.
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    That sucks!
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    You got it all wrong, the People is referring to the People(customers) paying the bills


    I do totally agree with everything you are exposing here, however, I don't believe the company has eliminated TRW as you stated, at least not at my station. They make injured guys work TRW all the time, unless they don't have 15 hours or more available per week. The max is 28 hrs per week.
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    No TRW at my station. I was told it had been eliminated...could be wrong there. The intent to eliminate the employee remains the same.
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    Next time anybody here is debating on whether or not to call in sick remember that Fred doesn't give a rat ass about us. Merry :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing Christmas Fred!
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    He's too busy trying to get Tiny Tim's SPH up...tossed the crutch cuz it was slowing him down.
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    No TRW at my station either. The way it used to be was your manager was able to tell you to come in for TRW. As I understand it, now they must get approval from the CSA's manager. In other words, if they need the help, you can come in. If not, stay home.
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    its all about operational greed once again..
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    I was told by a manager that TRW had been eliminated. Obviously, from at least one response, it still exists, but on a very limited basis. My take is that they do not offer it because it accelerates your possible exit from the company, which appears to be the case for most employees.
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    Loyalty. Two way street. Fred may have severed it, doing the same means you will never see it again and that changes nothing.

    True story that occurred today. A driver of mine starts at the terminal and finishes at her home 80 miles away. Drives truck up the next day and starts all over again. Today she was sick and when I mentioned that I still needed the truck she said, "How?" Fair enough, I'm stuck. But why should I put myself in that position going forward? Why not let her know that she is welcome to remain employed but the truck must return to the terminal every night and she can drive her personal vehicle to and from work just like everyone else. She will quit. Who wins, who loses and who is being irrational?
  15. Operational needs

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    You lose, and she loses (her choice though). She is not being fair to you because how are you supposed to run your business your truck is sitting in her driveway not being used? It's a no-brainer and has nothing to do with loyalty, only common sense.
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    Thank you. That's my point. What is loyalty in business? I could afford the truck sitting out for a day as easily as Fred can afford having someone off for 6 months. So it seems only common sense to expect a worker back within a certain time period. Has little to do with loyalty.
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    The FedEx Express deadline is 90 days, not exactly charitable or people-friendly. Most companies I know of offer double that, and include some kind of temporary duty. Fred can easily afford to have someone off for 6 months because he has profited enormously from an Express business model that exploits employees. Despite a flat Express market, Express is still quite profitable. Fred is especially able to wait-out a sick and/or injured employee due to all of the other perks he has bought himself...a non-union workforce, elimination of the pension etc.

    Imagine working for a company for 15 years, and then getting cancer. Your cancer had better be in-control to the point that you can get back in 90 days, or guess position, and a very real prospect that none will be available to you when you eventually do return. There's some real loyalty for you there.

    FedEx presents itself as a company that is different in that it has the PSP philosophy guiding it's actions. Anyone who has worked here for more than a few months knows this is a complete joke, but that doesn't stop them from beating us over the head with how wonderful they are to employees.
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    PSP is dead and has been. You've said it before. So why the ongoing angst? It is what it is.
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    I've accepted it. However, the company still sells it hard, and there are still believers out there who think it actually means doesn't. I can rattle-off dozens of employees at my station who will still do anything for FedEx, thinking that if something happens to them, Fred has their back.
    He has their back all-right...there's a knife with every employee's name on it waiting to be plunged into your heart if you get sick or injured.
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    Easy for you to say.