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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by arice11, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. arice11

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    As a new hire, I start four days before December.
    I'll be working as preloader and so far the info i've gathered has been intimidating.
    However, I'm resolved to succeed at this job.
    Is there some kind of training I will be given, paper work or interrogation I should expect on DAY ONE!
    And for the following 89 days of probation...
    Is there any hope to move up from this position into something better?
    I'd really like to hear from preloaders or someone who has risen up in the ranks from said position.
  2. kmac126

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    is this a seasonal hire?
    at my facility when i started they basically bring you to the conveyor belt where the packages come down, give you two trucks to load, show you a brief way on how to load, and then your loading!
    might get a little help from a supervisor to get you going. dont complain, there was a new guy that started 2 weeks ago, seasonal, and kept whining about how they should stop the conveyor belt so people can catch up on loading their trucks, and the supervisor looked at him like an idiot, he was a grown man too! The whole job is being QUICK, knowing where to put the package in the truck, and get back out to the belt for the next package QUICK. ( you can bet he wont get re hired)
    the only position basially you will be at is pre loader/ loader FOR A WHILE
    normally the next position after that is driver....... and that will take a couple years, if your lucky

    dont be intimidated, go in there with a good attitude, and ready to work.
    as for the 90 days.... normally if your hired in november/ december it is seasonal.. so just do you best for a rehire after december
  3. UPSGUY72

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    The probation period is 30 days not 90. Your most likely going to be laid off for good Dec 21 or 24.
  4. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    You will be a part time sup in no time.
  5. Macbrother

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    Since you're starting in November, this most likely means you're seasonal which means you are incapable of attaining seniority, raises, or guaranteed employment of any kind, despite what you may have been told. If you do make two weeks, be prepared to bust your ass the next month and then be let go after Christmas. If you make a good enough impression (handle the workload, low misloads, on time every day) you may be invited to re-apply (or they might just call you) sometime in January or February.

    As for hoping to move up, what did you have in mind? Making FT-driver or supervising? If it's the latter you might be invited while you are still seasonal... if it's FT driving you could be waiting years.

    On your first day they'll probably want your SS# and DL, other than that be prepared to watch some videos and then get right to work.
  6. arice11

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    The HR guy told me it wasn't a seasonal position. Out of the 10 people interviewed that day only 3 o us passed the background checks. Do you think he lied, hahahaha, I hope not, I'm putting a lot on the line to succeed in this job
  7. UPSGUY72

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    He told everyone the same thing he told you. But there is chance, be it small you will be around after the first of the year.

    Good luck.
  8. working up a sweat

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    Show up on time. Usually after the start time, there will be a FT sup at in plain sight eyeing the entrance. He will give the late employee an evil look and than check his wristwatch. LOL!