The First Peak Preloaders


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from something a friend sent me some years ago:

We do not know the names of the preloaders on that first Peak, but we do know some things about them.
We know that they probably wore brown, a wool from the material they knew best- camel hair.
We know that they loaded the packages carefully, and that there was probably a conflict between how the management said to load the packages and how the (camel) drivers wanted the packages loaded on their vehicles. That if the preloaders did not pack the gold, the frankencense, and the myyrh, correctly, that the drivers would curse the preloaders and possibly even whip them. Some things never change.
We know that the management gave these preloaders much grief on how to pack the load.... "Remeber that myyrh is a hazmat! It must be put on the lowest level!" "Make certain all the labels are facing the driver!" "The drivers should have been on the road a half-hour ago!"
( And if you think that these men were not management, consider this:
They called themselves 'Wise Men" without any credentials, expected the preloaders to act as if they were kings, and treated the preloaders like slaves. Yup, sounds like management)
And the packages? Well, we all know the gold, frankencense, the myyrh. There was also food, tents, some bratty kid's drum set, and hopefully some children's clothes and baby oils sent by the wives of the Wise Men( the "Wiser Women"?).
We may expect as these preloaders packed the loads every morning that they were not told of where their load was going. Management may or may not have spoken to them on where the packages were to go when they were mistakenly taken to Jerusalem first.But the packages were address corrected to the proper destination: 1 Nativity Square, Bethlehem. One Center south of where they were.
And hopefully the drivers and the management told the preloaders of the family they saw there. Of the One whom drivers, and management -and preloaders- worked so hard to deliver to. As He 'delivers' us -from evil.
May the Bethlehem Birthday Boy bless all who wear the brown, who load the brown, who live the brown. And all of us.


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atatbl...that's just mean !!

I thought it was a nice sentiment and I appreciate magoo posting it. "Tis the season !!