The Hoffa era is over, and the Teamsters are ready to fight


In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier
Funny how the huge salaries and bonuses the corporate suit monkeys get is never "unrealistic"?

Those are only preserved for the “real” partners. There has been no accountability with executives’ salaries compared to those employees who they employ.. they promote each other, give bonuses and compensation, golden parachutes, fat pension and healthcare benefits to each other without true merit or abilities.

I have mentioned that the annual salary for a UPS CEO was topped at 17,000,000 a year plus stock and the rest of the perks. O’Brien will be running a 1.3 million member organization with a 300,000 annual salary...compared to UPS ‘s 500 hundred thousand employees. Take into account that the rest of the Company’s executive board are making close to the same amount as Carol...