The Hoffa era is over, and the Teamsters are ready to fight


Not to start an argument, but where does O'Brien's organization get its revenue from? Can't really compare the two.
They had 23 or 24. They opened at 5pm i got there at 11am wife took over at 12. Went to eat i came back at 245 and she went to eat at my moms. Some lucky guy came at 430 he was the last 1 only had to wait 30 min. But it took another hour for us to check out we were 9th in line.
I could never wait for something that long I don't care what the price is or how bad I wanted it.
But good for you brother


Buckle that chinstrap…it’s go time!
And you are 20 or 30 cent raise to go along with it.

Now I don't see anything less than a dollar raise
1.00 raise should be the minimum…next contract should be 2.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00….per year. A extra dollar for the first year to thank everybody for the job they have done during Covid….mgt received it’s our turn.