The IBT Ballot Screwup

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hyena, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I think it was a simple error at the printer's which will not impact the outcome of the election.
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    It will have effect the vote. I got the wrong ballot the same time my fellow drivers got them. I never received the second ballot. Had to call and request it the waited two weeks and I just got it Monday sent it in on Tuesday. May or may not make it. They make the rules they count the votes. I am sure it will pass with 100% yes vote. I am very disappointed in teamsters.
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    While the mistakes are inexcusable and give ammo to TDU, I think what Upstate said is what, in fact, happened. To the best of my knowledge, IBT contracts out a union shop to print and mail out the ballots, as they do with fliers, the TEAMSTER magazine, contract updates, etc. IBT simply provides a member roster with names of eligible members/local no./addresses/work site to the printer and that's the extent of their involvement. While it shouldn't be an issue, the member rosters -- especially in RTW states -- are a mess. I've seen rosters for various hub sorts that identify members and non-members for organizing purposes; there are people on the "scab" list that have been dues paying members for years and received contract ballots. Members move, drop their maiden name, etc. and never update their information with the local. I know I've moved at least five times since I first became a member.

    If it's a mess on the local level, think about how bad it could be at the IBT.
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    Of course it matters. ALL votes count.

    There are NO expendable VOTES in an election that has massive negative effects on members. Maybe you dont understand the word "brotherhood" in International Brotherhood of Teamsters?


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