The latest #1 viral video is of public school kids

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by cheryl, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Disgusting. The colleges are bad enough, now they brainwash five year olds. My wife was substituting at a school during the last election and the teachers were having kids color Obama posters. Why don't they teach them to read and write instead? They need to leave indoctrination out. Its no wonder our education system is so pathetic.
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    Yes Cheryl, i have one.

    SO WHAT?

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    Ah, nice to see the good old communist playbook in action. In order to win the hearts & minds of the general public start with their children first.
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    It is disturbing, but this is the end all be all of government education. An education that Woodrow Wilson admits is meant to be nothing more than to teach the masses to be good employees and perform simple tasks.
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    Disgusting. I hope a lot of enraged parents complain to their school committee.
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    just like the Hitler youth !! Disgusting !
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    If these kids were signing about how great George W. Bush was a President, I wouldn't like it one bit, so I need to be consistent here and wish the School didn't get involved in something like this to begin with.

    However.....within the few replys to this thread are examples of comments from some of our paraniod delusional patrons here are......
    Hitler Youth

    This is just a smidgon of what our youth is learning from their parents about the role of this President. Pretty Sad :dissapointed:
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    What constitutes a "viral video" ???
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    According to wikipedia a is a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email, instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing websites.

    The most popular videos are tracked by how many times their urls are posted on the internet, the results change constantly.

    This one is #1 at the moment

    COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)
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    How can we as Teamsters get our union leaders to stop pushing this presidents agenda? He is destroying our country & our union dues were used to get this clown elected.
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    The bottom line is politics and public schooling need to be separated and remain that way. I could care less who they are singing about. Let them grow up and decide for themselves what political road of thought seems best to them.
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    Neat vid. Reminds me of a summer afternoon in 1972', a hit of LSD-25 and some old (well they weren't old then) Pink Floyd albums. Ah! The good ole' dayz!

  15. wkmac

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    Completely agree D but I wonder had this happened say in 2003' if the same folks who voiced opposition would be equally inclined to do so then?

    Be fun to visit a parallel universe, grab a beer and sit back and watch it al play out!
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    I think the office of the presidency should be respected, and kids should learn that in school as well as home.
    I also think elders should be respected.
    Is that still taught?
    And respect for your teachers, and all in powerful positions above you. Is that still taught.
    Its one of those tunes that stick in your head.
    He hasnt done anything to respect except become the first black president.
    I dont think it should have been presented, even if it was for black history month. I think a discussion about it, or a celebration day because of it, would be fine. But to bring children into politics, No.
    Whats with the equal work for equal pay thing? I think that has been in the works for quite some time. I get paid equally. I remember when I didnt it was because I didnt possess the skills the men did, SOOOOOOOO I didnt get the pay.
    Everyone cant start at the top. It is all about work ethic, and I have seen as many men walk away from something toooo hard, as I have seen women.
    Ive seen kids quit jobs when they had nothing better to go to. I would never have done that. I grew up believing if I didnt take responsibility for myself no one else would. I see that has changed.
  17. tourists24

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    I would think that any president should at least accomplish something before singing his praises....
  18. moreluck

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    If we had white history month....or Miss white America.. or white entertainment TV, there would be screams of racism heard round the world.

    How is it that we have Miss Black America and Black Entertainment TV and etc.???

    If there continues to be segregation, there will never be harmony.

    It should be Miss America (period) and entrants can be any color.....just must be American.
  19. diesel96

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    Thx for reiterating what I just said, except omiting the fact that many kids are exposed to over the top exaggerations, wild accusations, and images/signage, that their Presidential leadership resembles Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany and Stalins Communist Russia by their Parents, the media and the air waves. That's not exactly letting them decide on their own when their grown up.

    Maybe you can run for Teamster President and run on the platform of endorsing our Unions to get in bed with Corperate America clowns. See how far that will get ya. Or convince our Union Leaders to endorse Nader next time....

    Every month is white history month. If we had a white history month it would be a kind of historical overkill. Don't you think ? ex: European History.
    The point of black history month as well as Asian, Hispanic, and Native American heritage month is to educate the population about underrepresented cultures. To sum it all up, white history month would really be a regurgitation of what we already know. Heritage months fill the void that the history books don’t. I don’t look at not recognizing a white history month as discrimination, but an opportunity for expansion of the history of ethnic people that has yet to be told.
  20. diesel96

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    I got my beer hat :beerhat:, all we need is a Delorean and a Flux Capacitor....:happy-very: