The making of a UPS driver

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    The making of a UPS driver - CNN Money / Fortune

    It's 9:45 A.M., and at 93 degrees and 1,000% humidity, Saddle Brook, N.J., feels more like the Serengeti than suburbia. I'm in a doorless truck, wearing high-waisted shorts, facing a day full of handcarts and heavy boxes. When I arose at 5:45 this morning - an hour I haven't seen the daytime side of since ... ever - the day had something of the adventurous about it. Like more of my Generation Y peers than one might expect, I'd never worn a uniform, or even properly nine-to-fived it for that matter, and here at last was my chance.
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    Drivers make $75,000? I made about 72k and I work more hours than most.:detective
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    take your lunch lol lol
  4. Although , the afore mentioned statement is partially true , that is not a typical day ina ups drivers life. For in the doggedly hot days of summer we do suffer a little ,however, UPS; provides you with decent pay and benifits and the ability too work independently on a
    daily basis .
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    How bout the life of a UPSer getting OJS`ed. I think that story would be a seller.