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    Hey everyone, I just finally signed up after reading the forums for the past year. I was on the sort isle for 7 months then they moved me to the metals belt and now I drive the metals train. Fun times. Anyway, been working here for 16 months.

    I have a couple of questions:
    First, I can't add my wife and son to my UPS insurance until after 18 months, which for me will be March 10, 2014. The new contract allows them to be added after 12 months. My quick question is will the UPS insurance pick up my wife since she is pregneto?

    My second questions is I'm still trying to figure out my pay raise, if I even get one. I started out at 8.50, then b/c I was a sorter I automatically got the $1 raise for being a skilled position. Then after my 90 days I received another $1 raise, so since Dec 2012 I've been at 10.50. I received a .50 raise on Sept 10, 2013 my 1 year hire date. Guys at my hub say I will get another .70 raise when new contract starts, so I'll be at $11.70. That doesn't make sense to me. Other guys say I should be at $11.20, that instead of the .50 raise I should only receive a .70 raise from 10.50.
    Anyway, seems confusing but you guys can make sense of it.

    Thanks for all the help. This has been a very helpful resource.
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    Sorry cant help you with your questions, but welcome to the Brown Cafe! Im sure somebody on here might be able to help you!
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    To the OP---we are still covered by the old contract which means you can't add your family until 3/10/14. Yes, UPS will cover your wife, even with her "pre-existing condition".

    You will be at $11.70 when the new contract is finally in place and will receive a retro check for hours worked between 1 Aug and the ratification date, which you can use to buy diapers and formula.

    Congrats on the pregnancy.
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    Unless all supplements and riders are passed by then, but that is unlikely.
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    Maybe he can use the retro check to pay for the kid's college tuition.
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