The Right to Property

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    Property: The Great Problem Solver

    An interesting piece that proposes various alternatives to the current situation. I don't propose this alone as the single answer but I still think among the many suggestions are some food for thought.

    And on the lines of property, much can be said of Intellectual Property too although from personal experience, this issue IMO was a bit harder to wrap around moving towards a non state POV.
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    Intellectual property? Something our village idiot is clearly missing.:happy-very:
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    I mis-read the title of this thread and thought it said, "The right to poverty". I was thinking, W.T.H. ??

    Then it hit me that this might be one of Odrama's plans.
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    Seems in New York, the right to property in a post Kelo verses New London world is under greater assault.
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    And here's more on eminent domain. Between the ability of the State to impose an annual rent on property e.g. property taxes and then also to take said property at any time for any reason, one has to seriously wonder why we fear Karl Marx so much?


    You really don't own your property after all!
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    The ownership of land is really a construct that we all just buy into. If you start thinking too much about the ethics of land ownership, and in particular land rent, it's kind of a rabbit hole.
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    True but I'm thinking the hole's a bit bigger than one a rabbit makes! Have someone go to a foreign land, plant a flag on the beach, declare for God and King and this is suppose to change everything?

    In 2003', Kevin Carson wrote a piece for on property which I've no doubt will cause some wailing and gnashing of teeth here but Carson IMO makes some very excellent points. Sheldon Richman this past week at George Mason University lectured on the fact that Capitalism doesn't equal free markets and free markets don't equal capitialism but very central in his talk was the ownership of property in history. I've no doubt Sheldon will cause some teeth crushing as well.
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    Maybe we also error in understanding just how broad a term property really is!
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