The unexpected is now expected more than ever

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    A few years ago; UPS drivers had to worry about other distracted motorists like a guy eating a bowl of soup at the steering wheel or a woman putting on lipstick. Then adults on cell phones, then teens on cell phones. Next came kids on bikes on cell phones. Then kids 8 and up on cell phones.
    People are now watching movies, programing their gps, and texting all while driving. Teens and mature drivers are texting while driving and I have seen more than a few kids riding their bikes no handed while texting.

    Stay back and see it all and expect the unexpected more than ever before.
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    something happen that we need to know about browned?
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    Nope. Point was the job is more demanding now than ever before especially when it comes to other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians not looking where they are going.
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    Yes, we have to be even more careful. I had a kid come off a side street on his bike, never looked, had his Ipod in his ears and pulled right in front of me. He was really bookin it for a bike too. I got it stopped just in time, 2 more seconds and he would have run into the side of my truck. Scared me half to death, I was shaking all the way back to the center.
  5. browned out

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    He was bookin while you were truckin.

    Expecting the Unexpected for 11 - 12 hours a day makes for a very stressful day.
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    It is so much worse than ever. Kids are oblivious. I know when I was a kid I learned to get the heck out of the way of a truck coming down the road, watch where Im walking and not run into people. These kids just bulldoze through. You move for them.
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    Cue the back in my day thread hijack.

    Wait, is that actually a hijack in this thread or just part of the theme?
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    You may think yourself humorous but your response was exactly what she was talking about. Today's youth has little to no respect for their elders or authority figures. If I ever spoke to an adult the way some of these kids do my father would have quickly "corrected" my behavior.

    Back to the thread--everyone is in such a damn hurry to get nowhere and no one wants to get stuck behind a UPS truck. We need to keep our heads on a swivel.
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    Oh- those silly kids nowdays
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    It is what we get paid to do but just think how many accidents we avoid on a daily basis. UPS drivers have mad skills. I still think circle of honor drivers will steadily decline as more accidents occur due to distracted civilians and are deemed avoidable.
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    The corvette, new pic.jpgExpect the unexpected. Corvette rolls out in my lane, driverless, this is where I stopped, but I couldnt get the guy crying on his trunk deck lid after it hit the pole, he flipped me off and left, for not hitting him? 45 mph, I just missed it. Today
    The corvette, new pic.jpg
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    that's a the SOB
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    He owns the place, I bet hes glad it wasnt his ferrari. When he couldnt grab the tail scoop, or whatever its called he was crying like a baby.
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    Karma? Why is it jerks always have the nice cars. Awesome job of paying attention and being safe. btw.
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    spare the rod, spoil the child
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    :oops: I know you are going to take this the wrong way but I'm going to point it out anyway. I would like to remind you that Moreluck is your elder. :oops:
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    I make exceptions for older, bored, narrow minded, highly opinionated, TMZ watchin', Enquirer readin' California housewives.

    Lifer is also my elder and I have nothing but respect for him.
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    Check and mate.
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    Well, I sure didn't expect that right there was funny.