The weird reason UPS trucks almost never make left turns

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    The weird reason UPS trucks almost never make left turns - Grunge

    It's information that, at first blush, seems to be what mainstream scientists refer to as "totally made up," but it's true: when at all possible, delivery drivers for the United Parcel Service (aka UPS) won't make left turns. "But why?" the layman might ask. Is it out of fear? Some leftover superstition from days long passed? A deep respect for folks like Derek Zoolander who, despite all their best efforts, just aren't ambi-turners? Prepare to be flabbergasted, because it turns out that the reasoning is actually grounded in genuine, head-scratching, non-whimsical reality. Get ready to have your mind blown by run-of-the-mill bean counting.
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    More BS----UPS trucks still make tons of left turns
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    they back out of driveways all the time around here

    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    All deliveries are made by drone here.

    No left turns or backing out of driveways.
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    Nope, they took the left turns out of our package cars years ago .
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    Thank goodness for this breaking news. I have been paralyzed with anxiety since 2011 trying to figure out how to drive since we stopped making left turns and why we do it.

    Glad the question has FINALLY been answered....


    Why UPS Is So Efficient: "Our Trucks Never Turn Left"

    circa 2011
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    Retired two years now and I still try to avoid left turns in my personal vehicle when dealing with even moderate levels of traffic. Use traffic lights whenever possible. It was Orion that started disregarding the dangerous and unproductive elements of left turns.
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    ORION doesn't give a crap about right or left turn