The Wonder in Kids Eyes

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  1. Monkey Butt

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    Spent the day taking pictures of kids with Santa at Costco and enjoyed it immensely.
    I really enjoy the look of awe and wonder in their eyes and the total acceptance that Santa will take care of their wishes.
    I shoot at a lot of events and I seek out kids because they see life as an open world of opportunities where anything is possible and their cherub like faces seem to bring a smile to everybody around them.
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  2. menotyou

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    I had my grandkids all weekend. Little sponges, they are. Eyes are like flickering Christmas lights, twinkling with delight at every little discovery they make. I love it. Makes me wish I had my own.
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    In Vegas, we took our daughter and granddaughters to dinner. The 2 teenagers sat across from me. The oldest (17) had her hands in her lap and was looking at me while I was talking and she'd smile once in awhile. Come to find out she had her 'whatever phone' in her lap and was texting blind, like the court stenographers. I thought she was listening. Totally fooled me. Teenagers are little devils.
    The other one was paying attention because she responded to my questions. She's the people-pleaser one.

    I guess I should've posted this in the "Eyes Glazed Over" thread.
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    My youngest when he is not going to college or working the twi sort aisle is one of Santa's seasonal elf's at the mall and is the easter bunny in the spring(pays more) . His nephew was great with the bunny but cried hysterically with Santa. Maybe somehow he knew. Or the 6 ft 4 bunny looked friendlier.I just wish the bunny wouldn't leave his mess all around the house.Instead of pellets its beer and soda cans and torito crumbs.