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    Curious again to any long serving UPS'ers out there (management and union). With the membership in the Mike Eskew fan club skyrocketing (at least among our competitors) who would you say is the worst (sorry i meant "least best") leader we have had at UPS? Is corporate "out of touch" at an all time high or is it just a mirage i am having? I thought Oz Nelson almost killed the company but WOW i miss him now!

    The videos i have witnessed of Mike have the dynamics and personality of watching paint dry. Combine that with our even more dynamic ability on wall street and.......I'll leave it at that
  2. Legacy?

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    What would Jim Casey say about the state of our company today?
    Why arent we privatley held?
    A select few got rich with the IPO.
    There is a tremendous amount of dead weight in our management ranks.
    Service is terrible compared to the past.
    Why do we focus on everything except the core business?
    The Teamsters have sucked us dry.
    Why are the stock analysts running our company?
    What happened to seeing the big picture and managing for the future.
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    I would agree with everything Legacy says except that " the teamsters sucked us dry " Record profits every quarter. Revenue growth every quarter. That`s hardly being sucked dry!! I feel Oz Nelson was the worst CEO.
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    Mike Eskew is a poor communicator. I am sick of reading about retaining UPS corporate culture, and free trade is good for the US. I want to know if the miserable work enviroment today is to make the company stronger, or the corporate few richer.
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    I'm not defending Mike Eskew but I don't think we can lay it all on him. It wasn't his choice to go public but being a public company seems to be the driving force behind a lot of the decisions these days. He's got a lot more people to answer to than just UPS.
    I would say that I haven't seen or read anything from Mike that made me comfortable or optomistic lately. It would be nice to get some encouraging news from the captain of this ship once in a while. Given all the changes and the uproar over the recent MIP announcement, you would think that the leader of the company would get a message out to the people to set everyones mind at ease.......unless he has no good news to give of course.
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    It might also be that his predecessors were telling you things you wanted to hear. Perhaps he now has the difficult job "of righting the ship." Do you think Kelly, et al, might not have been honest with us? (Remember our numbers back then were not under the microscope like they are today.)
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    I totally agree. I thought Oz aka "The Wizard" was the worst, but now that we have Eskew he makes Oz look pretty good. There's going to be a lot of turnover in mgmt especially the younger folks who haven't invested to much time yet. Why be a helper coordinator or on road during peak when the IE Mgr or Ops mgr yells at you for not making Team Sporh yesterday. Excuse me, did you notice that we had 12 inches of snow yesterday? Sorry the sporh was missed by .1 I think some of Eskew's ideas aren't bad. PAS is a great idea, it was implemented horribly. Oh yeah, that's our fault :thumbup1: that's why MIP went down (one of the items we missed). Another good idea was buying an LTL of course the integration isn't working too good another element we missed. Doesn't that sound like a problem in Corporate. No, let's penalize the folks out in the operation every day. I can't wait to see what Eskew's raise is this year. His net increase will probably be more then what a supv makes in a year. After all, if he doesn't get a big raise he may not be motivated for another year of running us deeper into the ground. It's not easy F***ing things up so much.

    The best of all though was we did get an email indicating the MIP factor and how it was rated. Of course how they came up with it is "Confidential" Let me see, my bonus that I've gotten for years and earned is now based on 6 metrics. The metrics are listed, but how we grade them and the weighting factor is confidential.

    Thanks Mike:thumbup1:
  8. over9five

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    Mikes problem is that hes never been out of the ivory tower. He strikes me as someone who won't lower himself to talk to a mere driver or loader.

    I want Mike to "Brown Up!", and ride with me for a day. See how it is in the real world. In the trenches. Then tomorrow he can preload. For one week each year, the CEO should work with us peons. Mike started in IE, I believe. He's never done real work.

    I would love to know Mikes actually seen the front line.
  9. DS

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    Dont stop there over9.5,That is the way it was when Jim Casey ran it.
    A year driving before being eligible to be promoted.Everyone in mngmt
    should be able to do the job they are supervising before they tell you
    how much work is too much.Lets get a new CEO altogether,like Howie
    Mandell ,deal or no deal.
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    Just remember, The troop's are only as good as the general!!!![[[MAD][/MAD]
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    If Casey ran this company, corporate culture would be a lot worse IMO. We'd be doing jumping jacks in the parking lot before our shift :wink:
  12. hoser

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    By and far the best pay in the industry or enjoyable corporate culture.

    You can have one, but not the other. The reason why corporate culture at UPS sucks is because the unions got in early, made their footprint (family-raising wages), and because labour is UPS' number one cost, they demand extreme efficency out of their employees. A fair trade off, if you ask me.

    And getting on to the free trade thing, as long as you're a UPS employee, free trade is the greatest thing that could have ever happened.