Theft from UPS??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by surviv'n_it, May 7, 2006.

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    I just cant get over all the stories I am reading about UPS employees stealing packages. Whats with these people? I mean, honestly, what they steal can most often be purchesed honestly with less than a weeks paycheck. Maybe its primarily part time employees who dont make much money, but most stories that make the news are of full time package drivers.

    I just wonder what they think, is it the thrill of just stealing or are they really thinking they care going to get rich? I was just reading another story on the news links on the home page of this site and just cant believe at how stupid these people are.

    I dont know, I guess this is a problem that faces most types of business', but it is a problem that makes all of us look bad. These stories about theft always seem to make the news where most companies dont.

    I guess bottom line is to anyone here, especially the new drivers, dont fall for the temptation, it will catch up sooner or later. Every package has a tracking number and will show up missing sooner or later.
  2. I Think Its Most Disturbing When A Seasoned Employee Ends Up Crossing The Line And Commits Theft. Even When I Have An Overlooked Pkg In My Truck For Another Route You Never Know If Security Is Testing You To See What You'll Do With That Pkg.

    I Can't Fathom The Thought Of Going Home To Tell My Wife And Family I Lost My Job Due To Theft And The Consequences That's Not Like We're Working Handling Hard Cash.
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    Why? Would handling large amounts of cash be a problem for you?

    In days gone by, it was not unusual for UPS drivers to get several thousand in cash for COD's. And on some routes, the money you got would not fit in your pants pocket. 20-30 grand worth.

    Honesty crosses every hurdle equally. Whether it is a dime or a million bucks. If you are honest in the little things but dishonest in the big, does that make you honest?

    But yet they do it. A small piece of chocolate from a box, or stealing a stereo or computer, its all stealing. Only the court will differ how great the offense, not UPS. To them, as it should be, stealing is stealing.

    For the most part, if it is minor, and the employee has had a good working record, they will allow the driver to quit or be fired. But for the really stupid and greedy, they WILL put you away.

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    I can recall 2 drivers fired for theft in my particular center.One bonehead was coming in early and taking boxes of high end jeans destined for a local mall from the driver beside him and dropping them all at a friends garage.
    The other guy was caught sending NDA letters home to Jamaica and not paying to do it.
    We still handle cash here in Canada and to be honest,I dont mind it at all.
    Its fast,no fumbling for the checkbook or the credit card.And quite often people tip, sometimes generously.
    I always tell them its not necessary,but if they insist I`ll accept it.
    I`ve personally never collected near the 30 grand mentioned,but 2 to 3 grand is not unusual.
    And like observer said,I would never purposely open a package or assume that the misload in your truck was a mistake.
    Nowadays the only honesty and integrity ups has is their drivers.
    Management lost thiers with PAS.
    ~which I am looking forward to~ NOT
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    years ago i had a preloader that was stealing. one day loss prevention came up to me and told me no way was i to touch a parcel addressed to this company. they told me it contained a dye pack in it. they were trying to catch the preloader red handed. i also was told not to deliver the box. the preloader quite a week later.
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    How about our customers stealing from UPS! example: You pickup a internet shipment from NV going to NY but the label has the destination address as the shipping address which misrepresents the correct shipping chrges that customer is paying. another big one is large shippers using duplicate labels on bulk shipments resulting in getting a 100 for 1 shipping.
    I've already reported to supervisors which in turn blew it off. So I guess some account exec is getting a little kickback? but I don't worry about it and do as instructed but I always document, document, document!!! lol
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    I always saw packages that had the weights shaved on them, especially the ones that went NDA. I thought it would be great if we could weigh and measure packages that went through our system, enabling us to recover all the revenue which we are due. I think the money we would find would be substantial.

    It also infuriated me to see NDA packages which used the tear off billing copy left blank or much lighter than it was; frequently packages were marked as letter rate when they should have been billed by the pound. The driver picking up those packages should have corrected the discrepancy as he tore off the billing copy, there was always time enough to verify we were getting our money. I usually got several packages a day that were handled by drivers who didn't give a damn that we were going to lose money on a package.
  8. scratch

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    We do have "Revenue Recovery" clerks that work in our building. They weigh and measure boxes to be sure customers don't short change us. I can remember one time not long after Next Day Air started up. UPS told all our shippers that if it would fit in the NDA Letter, it could go at that rate ($8.50 I think). One shipper shipped a thirty pound peice of plate metal in one.
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    In our center, if we see a package during the day with a weight that is wrong and hasnt been audited, you can write down the info and pass it on to the revenue recovery clerks and they will adjust it for you.

    Also, if its an ASD, you can change the weight on the billing copy to reflect the true weight.
  10. dannyboy

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    Yeah but try calling all those call tags to their attention. You know, the ones that are huge and weigh 95 pounds, but yet the call tags only say one pound.

    Around here, no one seems to care about them. You show them, and they just shrug it off.

  11. surviv'n_it

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    That is weird. In our center, the are pro-active and we have about 5 auditors who look for those packages. If we see one, we just write down the info and give it to them or we can show them the package and they will adjust the weight. I dont understand why they wouldnt care, but I guess its not surprising.
  12. toonertoo

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    We used to have them, they disappeared into the abyss. They dont care about revenue recovrey right now, just sales leads and sporh.
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    I just started working revenue recovery, working on the NDA belt, we caught over 170 something boxes that weighed 4lbs but were huge, so we scan it, type in the box dimensions and the customer will be charged for the dimensional weight rather than the actual weight.

    Plus we got 80 additional NDA envelopes and boxes that said 1lb on them, but most of them weighed out to be around 8-10lbs on the scale, and we scan it, change the ship weight, and the customer is billed properly.

    So don't worry, there's people like me on the belts catching that stuff.
  14. HazMatMan

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    In life there are good and bad people, honest and dishonest people. Every once in a while UPS hires a dishonest person (not on purpose of course)
  15. lost

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    The only thing I did not like about rev rec is the fact that there is a do not audit list, we give the people on that list the ok to ship what they want and how they want, most of the shippers on that list are not billing correctly and we cant touch them.
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    Do they ever "bait" a truck? There have been a couple of occasions when I was pulling an empty trailer to a lot down the street, during my pretrip I would catch a box left in a trailer. I makes me wonder how in the heck someone could miss it. Example, a white box sitting on a dark trailer floor and another time a package was left dead center of the trailer.
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    There is nothing in the UPS system worth stealing. Sooner or later you will be caught, prosecuted, and then your life will be ruined. So think before you do something really dumb.
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    You have to remember, everything at UPS is about speed speed speed, fast fast and faster. It is possible for 1 single pkg to be overlooked in a big trailer when numbers need to be met. A white box on a brown wooden floor in the middle of the trailer is easy to see when there is no urgency, when urgency factors in, that package may become invisible. lol...
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    My sentiments exactly. Almost everything we ship is crap (it's gold to someone!) and we make more than enough money to buy whatever we want for ourselves.