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    To All,

    The pronoun they is used extensively when referring to things that happen at UPS?

    "They" want us to cut routes.

    "They" don't really care about safety.

    "They" don't care how it gets done, just get it done.

    "They" are cutting hours.

    Maybe you have your own "they" statement.

    I think this is a very clever way, in large corporations to sometimes defer blame for certain decisions that are being made at a lower level of management than they (the lower level management) want you think.

    I also think that it a very clever way to not identify exactly who said what and to whom, so as to make it a very difficult and uphill climb to hold anyone accountable for questionable decisions.

    Discussion Topic:

    When you use the term "they" when referring to UPS management, who are you referring to?

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    When I use the colloquialism 'they', I use it with an implicit understanding that I don't actually mean anyone in particular; rather, I am referring to the bureaucracy of UPS and a large organization in general. I cannot expect everyone to understand what it is I mean when I say that, but on the other hand, I qualify so much of what I say with "it is possible that", or an "I would also consider", that I'm not sure anyone listens to me anyway.
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    They give me a big, fat paycheck every Thursday. The only numbers I really pay attention to. Those and the ever decreasing funding levels of the pension.
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    I use they as a non gender specific pronoun referring to one or many.
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    "They" are often a group of people one has given power to.
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    Interesting though, Integ.

    When I refer to they, meaning the company, it is the group of people that our managers refer to as they. So, I am not sure who "they" are, but they control a large part of the local decision making process, which our local managers follow without question.

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    At times, psychologically troubled individuals initiate moronic dialog under the guise of enlightening the less intelligent and less informed. To protect their true identity and to relieve themselves from public humiliation, while living out their demented fantasy, they sometimes use pretentious self righteous screen names and personas.

    Who does they refer to in this context?
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    We are fortunate integrity is leading the charge in identifying who they might be.
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    Usually division level or regional. Local is totally micromanaged. National is so far up they haven't got a clue what's happening at ground level.
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    Rod explained it to ya,
    it is the them, they.
    Those who control
    with animosity,
    and anonymity.
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    They isn`t used in our building, our center management team makes sure us drivers know that orders are coming from DM.
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    IMO-they refers to the "System", not an individual.

    As disgruntled of an employee that I am, there isn't one individual in UPS management that is at fault for things I don't like about UPS. If you put yourself in the shoes of any management, they get screwed over by the "system" as well.

    Couldn't our customers refer to us as "they" too.

    "They always deliver to me too late. They used to deliver to me in the morning", when the driver would like to still del to that customer in the morning, but is unable due to the "system".
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    they are everywhere
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    They, them, how 'bout IT?

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    The term "they" refers to the decision-makers; the absentee landlords who micromanage from afar and whose instructions are conveyed to us though the facilitators and intermediaries known as "center managers".

    I will never meet these decision makers, but I feel their presence every time I see another package car delivering stops on the same road that I am on at 7:45 at night.
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    OR .......[​IMG] (rhymes with it)