This Company Has Gone Down Hill

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    I Strongly Feel This Company Has Really Lost Internally Since They Stopped The Promote Within You Have A Person Who Answers Phones Go Thru 5 Weeks Of Trainining Then They Are Going To Tell You What You Are Doing Wrong.from What I Understand They Must Write You For Multiple Things On Your Yearly Ride Reguardless.i Feel You Must Start From The Bottom Do All The Jobs To Move Up The Ladder To Truely Understand The Reality On Any Given Day.
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    Yep, that's the way it is.
    So, what do you suggest?
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    Do you have an auto Shifter?LOL

    Don't feel bad. Two of our on road sups are younger than me. The other is a year older. I'm 28. Only one of them has actually been full time driving.
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    Sat, I reckon his suggestion will be the same as your's or mine.
    Plug this leak BEFORE the "tightest ship in the shipping industry" develops :censored2: so large it can't be fixed and sinks to the bottom of the sea of packages.
    Unfortunately no one above you or me cares what we think, about anything.
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    hey everyone...unfortunately -poop rolls downhill...the center manager's are following their boss' orders-they pass it on to supes -who shove it down our throat...the problem we have is we stand up to our supes'-but our supes just pick up the slack(i.e.)doing loads ,taking work off us-and they are sick of it too...what needs to happen is our center manager's need to stand up to their boss to get more loads run-and dm needs to shove it down their boss' throat..doesn't everyone see how smooth things go when enough loads are run(no one gets burnt,no running,no fatigue,less accidents)i mean it is about safety 1st...cant we all just get along:peaceful:
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    And the answer is...........

    So what type of training does it take to pass orders down hill. All we have to do is send you to school, where we teach you people skills that you will then ignore, and send you into a center to tell people how to do their jobs. Just like IE. We are going to tell you how best to do your job. Not make recomendations on how you can save time and do your job more effectively. We will micro manage from the top. No exceptions.

    So really, the training a delivery sup needs is about the same as a new OMS. Just pass along what the boys in the tower tell you to. Dont think, just do.

    My personal opinion is this is where a lot of the lack of respect begins. It used to be that sups were trained on road. Not just 60-90 day wonderboys, but actual drivers. And they were able to draw on that experience to make decisions.

    You can really see how UPS changed when the head of the company never delivered (more than a token for his resume) packages for this company. And from what I have seen, some of the changes are not that good.

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    All so true. I had a supervisor on with me a few years back for the day. Mine is an extended route so he was literally stuck with me. Over the course of many miles, stops & hours, he revealed his perspective, as he really had no stories for me as a delivery driver because he never really was one. Started in pre load, then part time car, then into management.
    One of the most chilling things I got out of the entire day was his statement to me that "If they could get the goods on an hourly guy & get them fired that was a good month & a feather in their cap. But if they could get the goods on a management person & get them fired, that is like a home run & big featherdress." Earlier, he had his sheet of WOR reports for the previous week along with others, and described on how he wished he had a week to come out & help me iron out my route to get these numbers in line.
    Finally, at the end of the day when dropping him off at his car I noted to him my amazement that we both worked for the same company, trying to get the same job accomplished. As I am out here running against the clock trying to get everyone their package in the best time I can, and he is in a warm dry office, analyzing papers scratching his head at my numbers, and he agreed.
    This wasn't that long ago, so my spin on this is; like every other company trying to make a profit, these management cats are pushing production, unfortunately for so long that job has already been done by numerous, previous sup's & managers. So they gotta find some new spin to make it look like they are busting ass & it's the drivers who are the weak end. Not keeping it under 9.5, not taking a full hour for lunch, running over allowed, etc. Our jobs remain so similar to 30-40 years ago that they just can hardly impress their bosses that they are the best thing down the line since a bread slicer. But they will try to continue to omit the reasons behind our indesrcetions, we were dispatched with a 12 hour day & running 3 hours of bonus isn't big in our book, we were so blown out, we couldn't take time for the lunch, sitting in a road construction line for 30 minutes each way for 2 packages.
    Worst of all, I see no end to it in sight, it the standard, they wouldn't know how to change it even if they wanted to. I hate to be a defeatist, but from my perspective, it's just the way things are.
    Do your job, look good, try not to allow your crappy day run over to others, and watch the light at the end of this brown hole we all are mired in.
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    This is so true.20 years ago we had to write everything in ink with 6 figure shipper numbers etc,but the truth is,its the job itself that requires time if it's to be done correctly.The time we save with the diad is balanced by the size and volume of the packages,so nothing has really changed except how they dole out the work.
    STRESSED OUT...I gotta agree with ya.
    Its actually worse than stressful, its downright depressing.
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    There are many reasons on both sides (Hiring). One must be able to be perfectly honest with themselves and others to be able to see these. Hiring from within gives the workers a reason to strive so they may climb the ladder and I have seen people climb the ladder that only found the rungs because someone would rather transfer them up than have to deal with them. I trust in myself and I am in charge of my destiny, Just don`t let them get you down.
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    Sadly the only managers in my building are either A- the young kids who would rather push a pen than a package because they're lazy or B- ex-drivers who got injured too badly to be able to driver anymore. There used to be a Group C- people who truly felt they could make a difference & make UPS a better company. But those guys got pushed around too much & quit are working the graveyard shift in some hub thats hours from their home because the tried to do the right thing by the drivers & not upper management. Theres no point to going into management because unless you're related to some bigwig in the company the highest position you can obtain is center manager & I'm not interested in being upper managements b*tch.
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    It's a combination of not hiring from within and hiring based on quotas to promote someone based on gender or skin color. It's the same as welfare or govt. housing. If something is given to someone, they do not appreciate it as much as if they had EARNED it.
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    I actually agree. Totally.
    Dont get me started on welfare again.
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    Tooner, you were on welfare once? Why would you want to get started on it again? Do you not LOVE your job?

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    Yes I love my job, anything that keeps me off welfare.
    And I know you know what I meant!!!!!!!
    All welfare does is keep you dependent. Few people use it as was the intent of it.
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    I call it the department of wealth and hellfire
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    Just glad that I only have a little over six years left to go. When all the management in operations that have actually driven a pkg. car as a F/T driver are gone or retired, it will totally be a hell-hole. The OMS people in our center don't even have a fricken clue as to what a drivers day is like and the part time sups are a joke.
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    I hear ya and feel your pain. Here our latest new OCS was promoted from OMS. He already had a superiority complex and now it's going to what little brain he had. By the time he finishes supervisor school and has his lobotomy he won't be worth killin'.
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