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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bubsdad, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. bubsdad

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    We still have 5 drivers that are laid off from feeders and the bottom 10 guys are lucky to get 1 or 2 days a week. Today my phone was going crazy because apparently we are giving some of our trucks to a hub in Iowa. Our feeder supes took 2 out to Cach on Sunday, 1 on Monday, and 1 today. What a bunch of BS. If there isn't enough supervisor work to keep them busy, maybe they should look at cuts in supervision. We had 39 drivers laid off this winter and not 1 supe lost a day. How is that possible? Now we have guys setting home and supes doing feeder work? Unreal. Grievances will be flying this week. Hopefully, we can get someone paid. How can they even think this would fly? Mind boggling.
  2. Dragon

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    What are you grieving?
  3. bubsdad

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    JAC decision #2186 submitted by local 307. NMA article 3 section 7.
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    I wish there was a 'pwned' emoticon :happy-very:
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    JAC decision #2186 submitted by local 307. NMA article 3 section 7.

    OK I am slow on the up take this evening. What is JAC and what local IBT-Electrician-Mechanic 307 google has been no help either. Thanks
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    Joint Arbitration Committee

    National Master Agreement Article 3 Section 7 - Supervisors working.
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    Bubs if you have tractor numbers we will be able to get you times in and back out again when these tractors got to cach. Just because we are states away does not mean that we cant help each other out!
  8. bubsdad

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    Thanks, Red. They were actually tractors that are being re-assigned to Iowa, Des Moines I think. They would have inbounded and then stayed until the Iowa drivers took them out. 2 went to Jeff Sunday night and 1 to Cach Tuesday. I believe they were 266157,159 & 160. The JAC decision states that the only time supes can move equipment, when bargaining unit employees are available, is when it is new equipment that hasn't been put into service. This was a case of balancing equipment. The empty trailers were just so they didn't have to bobtail all the way.
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    I just put out a call to the stewards there and the agent give me a few days.
  10. Dragon

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    Can anyone provide a link to JAC decision mentioned.
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    I can't give you a link to it. I got it from our BA. Maybe Red knows of a link to JAC rulings? The BA read it to me over the phone. I suppose you could call your BA and give him/her the number and have them research it.
  12. bubsdad

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    Thanks again.
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    I believe Mr. Dragon needs to contact his Labor managers, not his BA.
  14. Dragon

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    Just interested to read it for myself. Its also interesting to see what may have been left out in someones haste to file on supervisor's working.
  15. 705red

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    Sups should never work! It should never be over looked especially when people are laid off.

    UPS's own earnings statement said that small package is "ONLY" down 4% from last year, yet all we hear is how we are getting ready to close the doors.

    4% volume drop does not constitute all the layoffs we have had. Just think about how much more money UPS could have earned if they paid people at straight time to perform the work that we are doing at overtime, triple time for 9.5 grievances and double time for sups working?! Hmmm
  16. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    What do you think was done in haste? I got the facts about the supes working, contacted the BA, got the information I needed and filed the grievance. Maybe you could provide me with some insight as to how I should have done it? By the way, one of the supes said he knew that it was going to be grieved and won, more than likely, but he didn't care. He just wanted to drive to Chicago.
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    You might want to check with your BA again about that being a JAC case...

    Also the case number and the Local.

  18. tieguy

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    you're grieving their moving tractors that are being reassigned? Let me know if that one flys very far.
  19. bubsdad

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    If you know more about it, please enlighten me. I don't think the BA would give me bogus info, but if you know something, I'll check it out.
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    So, worse case scenario, there is no additional cost to the company in the end.
    This did not involve the progressing of packages through the system.
    The time never shows up on an operational report.
    Costs are delayed for a period of time.
    The cost of the grievance, if paid in full, shows up only on accounting cost reports, for a month in the past.
    The supes probably weren't pulled from anything critical ... sounds like a solid business decision for a manager working in a huge corporation, aside from any contract repercussions.