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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Days, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Now is the time we speak up. We pay our union dues and want our union to fight for us.

    As usual, the lack of communication for our leaders down to its members is lacking. Everything feels like propaganda and is not personable like I'd expect the union to be. Even our contract impact statements have misleading numbers that could force yes votes when it should be no votes.

    The amount of fliers teamsters received calling for yes votes was staggering. Even UPS rising was filled with yes vote propaganda. The contract is ratified with a majority no vote and our leaders don't stop to think about why it's members would vote no on this contract.

    Where is the statement from our union leaders to tell us how they have failed to negotiate this contract. You just forced a contract that a majority of teamsters did not want or care for. I don't have a direct quote from Tyler Binder but he released a video showing that the odds were against the members from the very beginning.

    Why aren't our top leaders issuing statements to try and fix the voting system so that the voices of the teamsters can be heard.

    I'm not upset with UPS directly, but I am a bit upset by the union leadership and how it has become this bad. Why did you think a 13$ starting wage for part timers was acceptable? And also not giving any sort of catch up raise to part timers that had earned that amount in progression. @Time for change even posted a picture the raises of the UPS supervisors that were receiving catch up raises and bonuses for senior employees.

    I know the PT positions are supposed to be stepping stones for the company, but q lot of them would like to know that their years of service were appreciated.

    To end off this rant, I'm not asking for a strike or to be upset towards UPS, I'm asking that the teamsters start looking at the union for answers and better communication.
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    Summarize......I loose focus easily.
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    Our average intelligence level is much too low for the great and wonderful IBT wizards to waste their time trying to communicate with us.
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    Just cause I didnt gratuate from hi skool dont meen Im dum
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    You are wrong. “It was it” when the supplements and proposals were being talked about last summer and fall. It was also it when we could’ve promoted an even larger turnout to vote. It’s over. Game over.
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  6. I was out passing fliers to FEDEX ground drivers 10 years ago to unionize. This was promoted by the IBT and my business agent. I was one of three in my center that responded to this effort. Where were you?
  7. PT Crazy

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    Our Local said the International was in charge. We were told to stay out of contacting Fedex.
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    Cliff notes.
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    I'll read that tomorrow when I'm pooping.
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    Please? As long as you read it
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    I ate a bunch of tacos so I should have plenty of time to read it in the morning.