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    I've noticed in these forums that Business Manager is often abbreviated as BM. My wife is a nurse, to her a BM is a bowel movement. So, you see, they are actually the same thing!:lol:
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    Good one I can relate.:lol: :lol:
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    There you go again!
    You openly speak of your disdain for the teamster's but in the thread entitled, to the effect, "would you leave if you were offered another job", you comment, essentially, that " a PT supe I would be gone in a heartbeat, this company treats everyone like crap" (quote was paraphrased).
    Do you think it's gonna be any better when/if you get your almighty degree, and, yes, I have a degree plus a bunch more, and go into the administrative side of the operations because you've already screwed your back up as a PT supe? You've apparently not read the thread entitled "has anyone left UPS (non-retired)" in the "Life after Brown" forum. You've apparently not read all the threads about the MIP fiasco. You've apparently not concluded that management isn't all it's presented as being and obviously haven't discerned this from the crap you deal with as a PT supe.
    By the way, when/if you do go into management, you will have little, if any, protection of your job because management doesn't have any BM's (sarcasm intended) :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Good Luck.
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    I have NEVER openly spoke of my disdain for the teamsters, as you put it. In fact in another post concerning whether or not Hi value clerks were unionized, I relate how I encouraged an employee to file a grievance, to get what she had coming to her, and also said that having been a preloader for 5 yrs I know how hard everyone works, and hate to see anyone get screwed. It's full time management that I dont have a lot of respect for. I understand they are under a lot of pressure, but they dont have to lie, intimidate, and browbeat their employees. These negative actions, produce negative results. I also dont mean all full time management, I have seen a few who are good people who care about the people that work for them, but, sadly they are a minority. Also, I'm not a college aged kid who never worked anywhere else. I have supervised other places, and worked for other companies. I speak from a broad background of varied experiences. I try to make a difference, the people who work for me, like me. Most are young and havent had a lot of job experience, and I would hate for them to think all companies are run like UPS. Most of the P/T jobs are hard back breaking work, and I tell new ones that the job does suck, but I do all I can to make it as good as it can be, and as positive of an experience as is possible, unlike many others who plain dont care or go out of their way to make it as difficult as possible