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    I received a check today from my pals at workman's comp for reimbursement of mileage to the pharmacy and doctor. The check is drawn on the same account and routing number as my weekly benefit check. It was issued on 2/14 and got to me in one "mail" business day which was a Saturday nonetheless, with no mail service yesterday for President's Day. The most recent weekly check arrived on Saturday 2/15 but was issued 2/11. That check has a higher check number than the one dated 2/14.

    I did call on 2/14 to remind my claimsperson about the reimbursement and after hearing her calculator click and a few pauses on hold to verify who knows what, she comes back to the phone and declares everything maps out accurately on mileage and the check will process immediately.

    Well the reimbursement was accurate and she included the forthcoming weekly benefit a tad bit early as well. Of course for some unexplained reason that figure was $36.00 light, which required another call to straighten out but will now be added to a future check.

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    I came to the conclusion long ago that this is all deliberate. Make it such an immense hassle to receive your benefits that you eventually give up resulting in higher profits for them.
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    Check with your state's comp laws. Where I live, they cannot mess around with pay, once you are on comp. I had one issue and my comp caseworker took care of it. I got my weekly checks the same day, every week and I saved up my mileage reimbursement for a monthly check.

    I rarely called the WC insurance people. Early on, I got my case workers email address and we did most of our communication, including mileage via email.